Sunday, May 8, 2011

Quibids Review: Product Selection

This Quibids review is with respect to Quibids' product selection and variety that is available to bidders. You might also want to read a comprehensive Quibids Review, Quibids Review Compared to New Penny Auctions and Quibids Review Customer Service.

Quibids is the largest penny auction site in the US, and therefore it is not surprising to see that it offers a very wide variety of product selection. However, how good is it really?

I think in the electronics section, Quibids does quite well. It has many popular products like iPhones, iPads, HDTVs, Kindles etc. Also, one good thing is that it also has some new electronics products which many haven't really tried. This is good because it gives bidders a chance to catch on to the next good thing in electronics and try out some cool gadgets. Some examples include Livescribe Smartpen and Night Owl 8 Camera Video Surveillance

One common complaint though is that Quibids doesn't have an iPad2 auction yet. This is a genuine and legitimate complaint. Many penny auctions have iPad2 auctions  and I don't see a good reason why Quibids should shy away from this product. It is quite in demand, after all.

Apart from these, Quibids also has many featured auctions of the week that are electronics. It has had a Macbook Pro bundle and this week there is a full Cannon Camera set. These are good products for the interested. This is a positive Quibids review with respect to its electronics products and I hope it maintains it in the future.

This is something that Quibids has recently started in the last few months. I don't remember seeing an auction for jewelry before that. I don't much like this product selection at Quibids for many reasons. Firstly, there are many good places to get cheap jewelry online and Quibids can be the costly way out. You can read my post on Quibids vs Ebay with respect to jewelry to know why it might be a better option to try out eBay instead of Quibids for jewelry. Also, I don't know much about sites like Bidz which specialize in jewelry but my guess is they might give better deals to bidders.

Niche Products:

This is an area Quibids will need to work in. This is because Quibids cannot take its position for granted. Sure, it is the industry leader today but it also needs to maintain its stand. Thus it needs to innovate better in terms of products it offers. This is my advice in the Quibids review for product selection.

There are several niche penny auction sites coming up every day. For example, many sites are opening that cater exclusively to the luxury segment and there are hardly any such products at Quibids. 

A possible future inclusion will be bullion. It turns out that it is a coveted item in penny auctions and it could be a good idea to include some gold and silver coins and bars at Quibids. There are specialized penny auctions coming up with the products but they are still far off.


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