Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sites Like Quibids

What are sites like Quibids? People want to know because Quibids is getting more and more crowded and thus competitive. Sites like Quibids should have the desirable features of Quibids, such as product selection and being 100% legit. However, these sites shouldn't be like Quibids in terms of the competition. The best bet is to look for new penny auctions.

Quibids follows the model of penny auctions and there are many such sites that are coming up. Of course you should be very careful when you are looking for sites like Quibids because many penny auctions can be scams and they will not send you the product after you win. Therefore you need to look at trusted sites where there is not too much competition and you have a good chance of winning.

One good site like Quibids is HappyBidDay. I like it because it is relatively new and has some good product selection as well. In addition, they have a ton of free bids that you can use, so if you invest a little money in the bids, combine them with free bids and you have a winning formula. Right now, you get 50 free bids on registering!

I am not sure if this new penny auction can remain attractive forever. This is why I will update this information with various other sites. This is a very dynamic area when you are looking for sites like Quibids because sites and competition change all the time. You should be updated in order to get the best deals online on penny auctions.

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