Friday, May 6, 2011

Quibids Featured Auction: Photography Set

This week's Quibids featured auction is a complete photography kit from Canon. I think it is a good product to have if you are interested in photography. The retail price is put at $2700 at Quibids.

The auction is about a day away but still over 500 bids have been placed! This is not a very good strategy and if you see the people who have placed the bids, they are all beginners with no wins. If you do not understand the penny auction model, it is very important to know about Quibids strategies and everything else because otherwise you can lose a lot of money. Quibids does make a lot of profit on the featured auctions as they are very competitive with tens of thousand of bids being placed.

Be sure to read the Quibids strategies and tips on getting free Quibids bids. In addition, also read my full Quibids Review so you know what you are getting yourself into, especially if you are new to Quibids.

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