Wednesday, April 27, 2011

HappyBidDay Review: Try out this Great New Penny Auction!

I have always written how Quibids is getting all the more competitive each day and thus a lot of bidders are looking at good Quibids alternatives. Here is one great new penny auction that I came across: HappyBidDay and I'll give here my HappyBidDay review and how it can be a great Quibids alternative.

This new penny auction gives you tons of freebies to get started. It is 100% legitimate and it is very easy to win some very attractive products at this site.

Free Bids: 
HappyBidDay has a ton of free bids that you can win. As soon as you sign up, you will get 50 free bids! You also receive 3 free bids each day you log in. This is a very good promotion where you can try out the site for free without spending a dime. The free bids can be used on a variety of specially designed products that help you test the products. Oh and you also get 50 free bids on your birthday! These free bids is a very great aspect of HappyBidDay review because they allow everyone to participate and win and gives beginners a chance to try the system out.

Ease of Winning
This is perhaps the most important part of any new penny auction. At HappyBidDay, it is much easier to win than other established penny auctions like Quibids.I have gone through the list of ended auctions, and it looks like the price is very reasonable. With a little bit of investment in bids, you can really win some amazing products at cheap rates. The site is still new and I am surprised by the variety and quality of products that they are offering. With more products, the overall competition decreases and therefore you have a much higher chance of winning.
Winning at HappyBidDay is easier than Quibids. Do check out my Quibids strategies that can also be applied to HappyBidDay.

Auction Varieties 
HappyBidDay has several types of auctions that would be of interest to bidders. Like Quibids, HappyBidDay has a lot of auctions where free bids are given away. This is a nice promotion that allows you to win products as well as rack up bids. Also, there are special auctions where you can use all your free bids that you accumulate.

HappyBidDay has some other auction types that Quibids doesn't. For example, there are 100% off auctions where the winner doesn't pay the final auction price. It is a nice incentive to start off.

New Promotion
Apart from these, at HappyBidDay you get 20% off your first bid purchase! This can be used wisely as you can get bids at a much reduced price and thus increase your profits. It has low competition and many products and 100% legit, so you don't have to be afraid of spending money on the bids. Good luck!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Quibids Coupon Code: 10 Free Quibids Bids

Here is another Quibids coupon code for free Quibids bids that you can try. Quibids releases and changes their coupon code very frequently, which means I'll have to update it regularly on my blog. For example, the initial WINNOW coupon doesn't work. To get free bids at Quibids, do check out the blog regularly so you don't miss it.

Anyway, this Quibids coupon code is WINTODAY that will give you 10 free Quibids bids. You can only use this during the registration process.

Join Quibids here.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

7thBid Coupon Code: Amazing Deals

Read my full 7thBid review here.
7thBid is a new penny auction that has a promising future and some great excitement. It has lots of features that you wouldn't normally find in penny auctions, so it is certainly worth checking out, like every 7th bid is free at this penny auction. 7thBid also has a wide variety of gift cards that you can use anywhere.

So here is a great 7thBid coupon that you can use to get some extra free bids and greatly improve your winning chances at the site by spending less:
7thBid Coupon Code: GIMME20 
This has to be entered in the Paypal message area when you buy a bid pack and you will get 20% bonus bids!

I think this is a great coupon code that you should use and check out the site. Being a new penny auction, 7thBid isn't very competitive and you can already see some really great deals being won. They also limit power bidders so ordinary bidders have a very good winning chance.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Quibids Review: Customer Service

Read my full Quibids review here. In this Quibids review, I discuss customer service at Quibids.

Customer service is a very important part of any business, and is especially so in case of penny auctions. Quibids, being the largest penny auction in the US, does take customer service seriously. In fact, I remember many months ago when Quibids wasn't really as big as it is now, they had representatives who would post on different forums and blogs (including this one!) to explain the penny auction model, dispel doubts and solve problems. Now, I don't see them doing this at all.

However, through the months and through the periods of great growth, it must be acknowledged that the customer service at Quibids still remains top class. If you have a problem and write to their customer service, you will hear back something. This is especially in cases of shipping and handling or other minor issues. They seem to have a good degree of freedom as well, which is very good. A long time ago, I remember I reported some problem with the auction clock and they promptly refunded me all the bids for the auction.

That being said, the internet landscape is changing and changing fast. I fear Quibids isn't really prepared for this. One very good thing that they did was to launch an aggressive Facebook campaign to attract masses through social media. Today, the Facebook page at Quibids has over 60K members and increasing. Plus, they are all enthusiastic bidders who remain active on the page as well. Quibids still runs its daily Facebook contest for 50 free bids, which keeps people active.

Social networks like Facebook can be a double edged sword. If handled poorly, they can lead to the downfall of huge companies. Quibids is just a small company compared to the giants around who couldn't control social media. I have a problem in my Quibids review of their overall Facebook campaign.

There are many people who raise concerns about Quibids on Facebook and the company usually doesn't address them. All the profile of Quibids does on Facebook is to comment on the positive experiences, which is NOT the purpose of having a Facebook page in the first place.

What I would like Quibids to do is to have a much more sophisticated social media team. If they need help, they should hire an expert, but the way things are going now, they don't look pleasant. For Quibids to survive and reach the next level, they do need a dedicated social media presence where they can address consumer concerns. I would like their customer service standards maintained on Facebook. It is really tragic that they are not.

PennyAuctionBot Review

This is my PennyAuctionBot Review. Thanks to Krish for giving me a copy for the review.

What is it?
PennyAuctionBot is an excellent piece of software written for select penny auctions, including Quibids, that gives you total control of the bidding process through an automated bidding tool. I have always wondered how hard it would be to write such a piece of code. I still have no idea, but I do know that PAB has done this to perfection.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Quibids Unethical Problem Resolution

Quibids has grown big, perhaps too big that it likes to curb free speech now. I saw a very interesting discussion yesterday at the Facebook page of Quibids about how some people think there is something fishy going on there. For one, a user with the name of IDONOTQUIT1 seems to win way too many big ticket items in spite of all the limits that Quibids imposes. Some claimed that they are using unethical auction practices, perhaps even bots. If this is the case, it is most certainly illegal. Also, there were other concerns of collusion among users which should not be allowed.

Now instead of addressing the concerns of the bidders, what does Quibids do? It deletes all the posts! That's right, now the entire discussion with multiple threads and posts are all gone from their Facebook Page.

In my opinion, this is highly unprofessional and unethical. If people have concerns, then Quibids should do everything to address those concerns. Deleting posts is certainly not the way to go.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Penny Auction Commercials: Be More Professional

Penny auctions are not really the mainstream and they still cater to a very niche audience. That doesn't mean they cannot go mainstream. I think Quibids has the best chance, owing to its Buy It Now feature, though there are many issues that Quibids still needs to iron out.

Penny auction commercials are the way in which penny auctions project themselves to those who do not know about this auction model. However, they need to do a much better job. Take this commercial by MadBid for example:

I mean seriously?

Penny auctions need to present the whole picture. All they seem to be interested in, however, is how to convince people of 90% discounts. This is partial truth - no one advertises that you can lose money too! I think a balanced advertising helps their cause more because if all you say is 90% off, it just sounds like another scam.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Quibids Review compared to New Penny Auctions

Quibids review comparing it with new penny auctions is important because many bidders are in a dilemma whether to join Quibids or the tons of new penny auction sites that are coming up almost every day on the internet. How does Quibids review compare to new penny auctions?

Here are some things that will help you decide which ones to join. If you want a comprehensive Quibids review, read my post Quibids Review: Good, Bad and Ugly.

So getting back to comparing Quibids with others, here are some pointers:

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

OrangeBidz 25 bids for $7

Just a quick heads up: OrangeBidz has a promotion today at PAC. You can get 25 bids for $7. You can only buy one bid pack at this price. Visit PAC for this discount. The usual cost of 25 bids here is $18.75, so it is a good saving.

Monday, April 11, 2011

CrazyCigarDeals Coupon Code

You can read my CrazyCigarDeals Review here.
In a nutshell, CrazyCigarDeals is an amazing place to get the best cigar deals in a penny auction model. It is backed by a large internet company TBS Cigars, so it is 100% legit.

Now, you can use SIDSDEAL as your CrazyCigarDeals Coupon code for 20 free bids! Most cigar packs on the site end before 20 bids are placed, so you might as well win something for nothing. The site is still new and there are great deals to be made.

Do check out CrazyCigarDeals.

Quibids MacBook Pro Bundle Sells for $535.40

The Quibids Featured Auction of the Week was again a Quibids MacBook Pro Bundle, priced at about $4000. The final price for the ending auction was $535.40. Congratulations to the winner, banyquis!
You can find the Auction here.

The winning bid was placed by a BidoMatic. This is not always the case with Quibids mainly because it limits its automatic bidding tool usage, quite unlike penny auctions like BidRivals where almost every auction is won by automatic bidding tools only.

So what were the economics of Quibids auction for MacBook Pro? Here is a small calculation:

Cost Price of the Bundle= $3935.95
No. of Bids Placed: $535.40/$0.01 = 53,540
Selling Price of the Bundle = $535.40
Total cost of bids placed = 53540x$0.60 = $32,124
Quibids Profit = $32124 + $535.40 - $3935.95 = 28,723.45

Total Quibids profit for MacBook Pro Bundle is $28,723.45! That sure is a significant amount. However, the winner got this for a 79% discount and had to place 461 bids to win the auction.

OrangeBidz 1 Month Celebration

Read my OrangeBidz review.

OrangeBidz is celebrating its 1 month in existence with many offers of free bids. You can find free bids on bidpacks and a $20 Amazon gift card to one random bidder. Some new auctions have also been added.

OrangeBidz is still a new penny auction, as you can tell, but it does have many active members, which is a healthy sign. You can check out OrangeBidz here.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

7thBid Review

This is my 7thBid Review.

7thBid is a new penny auction site that has several features that older penny auctions like Quibids lack. I wouldn't say all of them are good for the bidders, but they are certainly worth checking out.

So you know the background stuff - 7thBid is a penny auction with most auctions incrementing in price by 1 cent. The timer is incremented each time a bid is placed by 15 seconds, which is usual and convenient, as opposed to a few new penny auctions that increment it by 30 seconds. The 7thBid review below assumes you already know how penny auctions like Quibids work.

The Lucky 7: Free Bids
As the name suggests, 7thBid likes to do things different at 7. The first offer you get is that every 7th bid placed on the site is free! This effectively reduces the cost of a bid by 1/7 or about 14%. If you are bidding more, you might as well take the bid pack and reduce its value by 14% to know your true price of bids.

The second promotion that 7thBid runs is that 7thBid gives every 7th Bid Pack sold on the site for free! Of course you would never really know if you were this lucky 7th bidder beforehand. However, it is a nice addition if you like the excitement of penny auctions to combine with an unexpected freebie! One way to look at it would be to motivate some of the bidders to be more active by giving them free bids. It is also a nice addition to the excitement that is already present in a penny auction model.

Beginners are Welcome: Tackling Power Bidders
I'd have to give a thumbs up in this aspect of my 7thBid review because it understands the problem of power bidders and tries to tackle it. If you are not aware, this is a serious problem especially on new penny auctions.

For those who do not know, power bidders are those that invest a lot of money in the bids and keep bidding on auctions till they win. This means that ordinary folk seldom have a chance to win auctions in which power bidders are participating. This naturally discourages people and they drop off the site, which really stunts the growth of a new penny auctions.

So how does 7thBid tackle this issue? It defines anyone with less than 7 wins as a beginner (yea, the lucky 7 again!) and ensures that 33% of the auctions are beginner auctions. This is a good way to tackle power bidders without penalizing genuinely good bidders (Defined as those who read my series on penny auction strategies ;) ).

I would have also liked to see something special for the very new bidders - auctions that only those with 0 wins can participate in. This is simply to motivate the newbies and make them feel welcome! Sites like Quibids do this and I think it works well.

Win Limits

At 7thBid, win limits are really generous. Quibids, with thousands of auctions every day, limits users to 12 wins per month. 7thBid limits it to 18 per month. In addition, there is a limit of 2 wins/day and 8 wins/week. Then you have only 1 item over $200 per month and a total limit of $500 per month. All this does make it a little more complex than it should ideally be. And not to mention the problems when a single item is over $500 in cost.

I think Quibids win limits are very good: 12/month and 3/day. This is simple, neat and effective.

Premium Auctions
Some auctions are dubbed premium when the cost of the item is high. In these cases, the increment is doubled or tripled, which means one bid placed will increase the price by 2 or 3 cents.

Frankly, I do not think that high-cost items should go for a higher cost increment. In a penny auction, the final price isn't the one that determines the profit of the company but the bids placed. In fact, the very reason the price is incremented by 1 cent in usual penny auctions is that it gives the illusion of a low cost and encourages more bids. By making it a 2cent increment auction, the auctioneer, the penny auction site, doesn't end up making more money because many potential bidders would never have placed their bids had the price increment been 1 cent.

I think Quibids is a fine example in case. For old Quibids users, they would remember that there were many auctions that were incremented by 2 cents, 5 cents and even 10 cents. I remember bidding on 10 cent auctions a long time ago at Quibids. These are exceedingly rare now, which is not hard to imagine why - 1 cent auctions usually attract more number of bids. I would guess that Quibids, owing to its huge size, just experimented with these different increments and then stuck with 1 cent increments because it gave them maximum profit.

Bottom line is that for bidders, a 2/3 cent increment auction doesn't really make matters worse.

Limiting Loss ... to the House
7thBid is sensible in that it limits the loss it can incur on high value items. I don't think this will last for a long time - as the site grows, this would probably not be needed. However, as a blogger who keeps tabs on the industry, I know that many new penny auctions just fold because they take huge losses in the initial days they are not prepared for.

So the way 7thBid ensures limited risk is by setting a minimum auction reserve price on special Reserve Auctions. This is set at a maximum of 5% of the retail price, which is still high in terms of giving the house a profit. This is a rare occurrence as of now on the site and bidders bidding on smaller items and gift cards should never really be worried.

If this reserve is not met, then all the bids placed are refunded (only fair) to the bidders and the winner of the auction gets 7 extra bids (yea, the 7 again!)

However, I would really like to see this practice being limited. It is not at all pretty if someone wins an auction only to realize that the reserve was not met. Part of the appeal of penny auctions is the high of winning, and if the site takes this away, it is quite disappointing. I wouldn't be surprised if the winner is really unhappy with just the 7 free bids - after all winning a penny auction needs taking a lot of risk that is not compensated by free bids. That being said, I am not totally against the concept of reserve price, which is better than the penny auction disappearing overnight in any case.

Free Bidding Auctions
Free bidding auctions are becoming popular with new penny auctions and many old ones are also beginning to offer this. Quibids, by the way, doesn't have it. So the way this works is that bidding is free - just like eBay! You don't spend bids on these auctions. However, you still pay the final auction price. This isn't too bad but the final price is closer to retail, so don't expect a 90% discount in these auctions.

In conclusion, I hope this 7thBid review will help you make the choice of whether you want to join or not. I would say that it is easy to contact the people behind 7thBid, which is a certain plus.

Check out 7thBid

Friday, April 8, 2011

Quibids Poll Results Update

I just wanted to update on my poll on the right side of the blog.
I have asked the question about how different bidders performed on Quibids. As of writing this post, 300 people cast their vote. The distribution is as follows:

74 made a profit
98 made a loss
65 ended up about even
63 never bid on Quibids

If you haven't voted yet, please do so!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Niche Penny Auctions: The Next Evolution Stage

Niche Penny Auctions are those penny auctions that cater to a very specific niche instead of being all over the place. Big penny auctions like Quibids typically sell just about everything, from Honda Civic Car to Disney World vacation packages. Of course you always have the more typical items like Gift Cards, iPads, iPhones, etc. However, Quibids can afford to auction such diverse items because of its sheer size and number of members. Quibids is by far the largest penny auction site in the US.

But what about the new entrants? There are many new penny auctions coming up, each trying to bring out something newer and more innovative than the established players. Of course being new is a double edged sword - they can offer great deals because there are not as many bidders but at the same time people don't really trust these easily.

So how do the new penny auctions establish themselves? It is really hard for them to overthrow the incumbents, which area really like giants. It is the equivalent of a silicon valley startup trying to overthrow Google in search! Even other giants like Yahoo! are unable to do so.

So how do new sites differentiate themselves? Easy, narrow the niche. Thus the new trend and the next logical step in the evolution of penny auctions is the emergence of niche penny auctions. Instead of dealing with everything under the sun, these niche penny auctions really want to capture their specific target audience. In doing so, they can establish themselves as a name to reckon with in that particular niche and within this, they can be better than the behemoths like Quibids.

For example, consider ScoreLuxe. It caters exclusively to the luxury niche. No product here is less than $50, so you will not find cheap items at all. You will find high-end designer goods like Louis Vuitton bags or $500 Bloomingdales gift card or $100 Victoria's Secret gift card in addition to high-end electronics like iPad2 or iPod Touch 32GB. Of course, not everyone would be interested in these items and they will never bother to join the site. However, for those that do, the rewards are great: The first iPad2 sold for $0.90 on ScoreLuxe!

As another example, consider the site CrazyCigarDeals. This was founded by TBS-Cigars, a well established business. As the name suggests, you only find deals related to cigars. If you are not into cigars, there is little that you might want to do on the site except if you want to buy something as a gift. Again, since not everyone is a cigar aficionado, there is less competition and the site will probably make a name for itself in this niche in the long run.

So where does this leave us? I think the penny auction industry will, over time, go more mainstream as more and more businesses start adapting this idea. They will find that penny auctions can be a great way for them to sell their products in the long run as it offers discounts, deals, fun, excitement and the rush of adrenaline all packaged into one. These businesses will only operate in their own niche and thus we will see more and more niche specific penny auctions in the future.

In the future, Quibids will be like the Walmart of penny auctions that sells everything whereas if you are looking only for laptop deals, you might want to go to BestBuy or a similar place. Niche penny auctions will carve a name for themselves and will work side by side the bigger players like Quibids

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

CrazyCigarDeals Review

This is my CrazyCigarDeals Review.

With hundreds of penny auctions mushrooming daily all over the internet, did you wonder what the future of the industry will be? How is one penny auction different from another? Sure, the Big Boys like Quibids can auction everything from cars to vacation deals to sporting event trips, but what about the new penny auctions? The answer lies in niche sites: penny auctions that are leaders in their specific domain only.

CrazyCigarDeals is such a niche penny auction. Like the name suggests, CrazyCigarDeals sells cigars in a penny auction model.

One immediate reason to trust CrazyCigarDeals is that it is backed up by its parent company TBS Cigars. This company has been selling cigars and cigar related products for more than 10 years now. This is an important part of CrazyCigarDeals review because you can be certain that the site isn't going to close down next week.

Also, I have personally won a cigar pack using 4 bids and the product has already been shipped to me, so I can say with personal experience that CrazyCigarDeals is indeed an honest and legit penny auction.

It is actually encouraging to see sites like CrazyCigarDeals because it shows that businesses that have been online for many years now are slowly embracing the penny auction model. In this case, TBS Cigars saw potential in this model and thought that penny auctions are an excellent way to sell products.


So here is the question that should interest everyone: how competitive is CrazyCigarDeals? It is an important question to ask in CrazyCigarDeals review especially at this stage of the site's evolution. I would have to say it is new and really, there is not much competition. If you go through the penny auction strategies that I discuss in my blog, you should have an easy time winning products. When I personally bid, I used up just 4 bids to win a pack.

Here is an example from today, the last auction won at the time of writing this.

The last auction on CrazyCigarDeals was one in 1 bid for 1 cent! (auction ended on April 5th 2011) The low competition is apparent now and I hope everyone finds value in the site. Personally, I think there will be many more bidders in the next month or so, so if cigars is something that even remotely interests you, I would say join the site immediately. After all, you cannot really go wrong with a pack of cigars for a cent!

Bid Prices

CrazyCigarDeals has a differential pricing system for the bids. Currently there are 4 bid packs available here:

1. 50 bids for $20, $0.40/bid
2. 100 bids for $35, $0.35/bid (the one I purchased)
3. 200 bids for $60, $0.30/bid
4. 400 bids for $100, $0.25/bid

If you are an avid cigar lover, then it makes sense to try out the 400 bid pack. The lower the cost of bids, the more number of bids you can safely use on a given auction. Also, the site is just starting out but they promise to have many more exciting and high-end cigars in the future, so it isn't a bad idea to stay invested in the site.

CrazyCigarDeals Free Bids

So apparently that's not all! Whenever you register at CrazyCigarDeals, you will get 10 CrazyCigarDeals free bids on registering. This is amazing considering the low prices at which the auctions end. It took me 4 bids to win my first product here, which is well within the 10 free bids that they give out. I would not be surprised if the same happens with you.

In addition, the site has been generous to all my readers: Use the CrazyCigarDeals coupon code of SIDSDEAL and get an additional 10 CrazyCigarDeals free bids! That's 20 free bids as soon as you register. I think these are great deals that everyone can try out. There really isn't anything to lose if you get 20 free bids at the onset on a 100% legit penny auction. You might as well register and try your luck in winning the next item for a cent!

Check out CrazyCigarDeals here. Use coupon SIDSDEAL for 20 free bids.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Complete Quibids Review

I have several Quibids review posts all over my blog and thought I should compile them into one.

First, you might want to read a overview of Quibids review that discusses all the positive and negative aspects of Quibids.

Quibids is the largest penny auction in the US and it wants to take this concept mainstream. It is a long way to go, but Quibids does have the right ingredients, including size. However, there are still many problems with Quibids in general: There are some problems with bidding and some errors with updates.

Personally, I also find Quibids price information misleading. If Quibids really needs to establish itself as a dominant player and penetrate deeper, it needs to be much more open than it is currently. The BBB Quibids review isn't exactly the most trusted either.

In a nutshell, this is all I have to say: Quibids is legit in that it will send you won items. However, for beginners, it could be misleading especially if you believe all the advertisements and tall claims you see. At Quibids, you take on higher risk and thus higher chance of great deals. You are guaranteed nothing. It is possible to win a Macbook for a dollar but highly unlikely. What is more likely is that you end up not winning the Macbook but paying a hundred bucks in the process, trying to win it. That is why, it is extremely important to know about the penny auction model before you start bidding. This holds not just for Quibids but any penny auction in general.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

OrangeBidz Promotion

Today, April 3rd, OrangeBidz is offering some discounts to users:
  • 5 free OrangeBidz bids to log into the account for today.
  • $10 off 100 bids pack.
  • $25 off 250 bids pack.
  • All users who place bids tomorrow will be entered for a prize: 75, 50, 25 free bids respectively for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.
You can read my OrangeBidz review to know more about this penny auction.

Swoopoo, Oohilove Closes: Entertainment Shopping Inc. Bankruptcy

Entertainment Shopping Inc. the company that runs penny auction sites Swoopoo and Oohilove has filed for bankruptcy. I am not sure if the bidders were given a refund for their money invested. Swoopoo is inaccessible and Oohilove site says it is closing its doors.

Swoopoo was one of the first penny auction sites to open and it is sad that they are closing down. I hope Quibids doesn't have similar problems. I will also update here if I get any information on what happened to the money invested by the bidders.

Quibids Lifelong Happiness: April Fool's Day

Just when you thought Quibids has auctioned everything from cars to laptops, here is something you might not have expected: Quibids auctioning LifeLong Happiness! Depending on your perspective, it is a comic relief or just a lame effort to do something different. Quibids says this is part of its April Fools Day promotion! Not sure how this qualifies as an April Fool's joke: I am sure no one actually thought they were bidding on lifelong happiness!

By the way, if you are tired of all the stupid April Fool's Stories (including a lame attempt by Google once again), you might find Stories that could be April Fool's Pranks but aren't by BBC an interesting read.

And if you are really interested in knowing the secrets of happiness not from a spiritual, religious or philosophical point of view but from a scientific point of view, you might enjoy these TED talks - Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman discussing the difference between experiential happiness and memory happiness and Daniel Gilbert, the Harvard psychologist discussing the latest research on happiness.

Anyway, apparently Lifelong happiness at Quibids sold for $1.43 and its retail price is $1m :) So congratulations to the winner of Lifelong Happiness CLoaKnDaGGeR. By the way, bids weren't deducted for those who wanted to bid on this auction!

By the way, for those who are wondering if the formula given above by Quibids is so simple, it isn't. To be happy, you cannot keep doing what you are doing because of the law of diminishing utility and a gazillion other reasons: If you are happy eating a chocolate it doesn't mean that you should keep eating chocolates all day long. This is naive and reflects the maturity of a 8 year old thinking on happiness. I think they should have come up with something better - this is just insulting the intelligence of Quibids members.

Update: Just realized this is part of a bigger series of auctions at Quibids. The others seem better!
Personalized Rant from Charlie Sheen :)
Trip to Hogwarts

Friday, April 1, 2011

MyPadiddle Review

Here is a MyPadiddle review.
MyPadiddle is a new penny auction that can be a very good Quibids alternative to those who are looking for excellent deals. This penny auction is legit and serious about the business and is invested for the long term. There are many desirable features that you can find in MyPadiddle.

First off, the product selection is amazing. Most new penny auctions are filled with gift cards as they don't want to take any risk for potential loss but not MyPadiddle. There are high-end electronics like Nintendo Wii, Motorola XOOM and iPad2! Quibids is yet to auction an iPad2 but you can already find it on MyPadiddle. This is quite striking.

Being a new penny auction, they definitely have lower competition. This helps bidders a lot, especially in the initial stages. The site also has several plans for the future, including being an industry leader in Event Tickets. This aspect of MyPadiddle review is important because it shows they are serious about their business and certainly have plans for the future as the site grows. I think it will be an exciting penny auction for the future as well.

Being a new penny auction that is very serious about the business, MyPadiddle takes customer service very seriously and you can get really prompt replies from them for any issue that you may have. In addition, their shipping times are also great and you can expect to get your won products well within the week.

If you are looking for a great place to get some deals, MyPadiddle is a great penny auction to find these. I hope this MyPadiddle review provided some good background on this new penny auction. Check out MyPadiddle here!

MyPadiddle Coupon Code: SID2011 - get 10 free MyPadiddle Bids!
MyPadiddle is giving a special bonus to all my readers! Now you can get 10 free MyPadiddle bids when you register by using the MyPadiddle coupon code SID2011. I hope my readers may use of this. I suspect you would win a small gift card just with these 10 free bids!