Thursday, May 26, 2011

HappyBidDay Coupon Code: 50 Free Bids!

Here is a HappyBidDay Coupon code for use: MEMORIALDAY (click to activate). If you are not yet a member of HappyBidDay, you should definitely consider becoming a member as it gives much better deals than Quibids, at least for now (far less competition). Do note that the auctions start at $1.01 instead of $0.01 and you can see so many auctions ending within a few bids placed. Plus, almost every product has some free bids attached, so you win the product and also get back your bids in most cases!

The current offer is valid on a 100 bid pack: If you buy 100 bids, you will get 50 bids free! It is valid only till 31st May, so do hurry and join HappyBidDay now!

1 comment:

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