Saturday, January 29, 2011

Quibids vs Bidhere - 1

Here, I'll discuss Quibids vs Bidhere, two of the most famous and biggest penny auctions on the internet today. There are several important distinctions here and hopefully you will be in a better position to decide where you want to bid more after reading this post.

Both Quibids and Bidhere are legit penny auctions that are quite big. Being big is good for them because they don't have an incentive to cheat you. There are some smaller penny auctions out there that are not as reliable. However, if there is a younger penny auction and you trust it is legit, you will usually have a higher winning chance there than on either Quibids or Bidhere.
Quibids vs BidhereHowever, the advantage of Quibids and Bidhere is that they are both big and offer a very wide variety of products. You can therefore get many products that you are genuinely interested to buy.

So here is a comparison of Quibids vs Bidhere with respect to the most important features of the two sites -

Win Limits

This is the first important difference between Quibids and Bidhere that you will notice. Quibids has limits on the number of auctions that you can win. On the other hand, Bidhere doesn't really have any limits.

Now I cannot really say which one is good. Really, it depends on the type of bidder. If you are highly experienced and know all the penny auction strategies, you might want to be able to win many more items and would prefer no limits. However, if you are a relative beginner and like to bid and win conservatively, you will see that having limits is very good.

Why? Because it restricts the number of people who are highly aggressive and have huge investments. Remember penny auctions can become statistical games when there are huge investments. The small guy is therefore unable to compete with the big fish.

So what the limits of Quibids? Several. Here are the Quibids limits -
  • In a 28 day period, you can win a maximum of 8 products.
  • In a 24 hour period, you can win a maximum of 3 auctions.
  • In a 28 day period, you can only win one big-ticket item (price >$999.00)
  • In a 28 day period, you can only win one same product valued >$285.00
So these were the Quibids auction limits. At Bidhere, there are just no limits. This can potentially lead to people abusing the system.

Buy It Now Feature

Quibids is one of the best penny auction sites out there in this regard, and I really like them for this. Their buy it now feature allows you to almost eliminate the risk involved in bidding on penny auctions. This feature allows you to use the money spent towards the bids in purchasing the item at the retail price. The way it eliminates risk is that if you win the auction, you get the good discount but if you lose, you can still buy the item at the retail as if you were just buying from any online retailer. Of course there will always be small price differences, shipping costs, etc.

Bidhere has a different policy in this regard. Only some auctions have the Buy Now feature on this penny auction. Even then, there are limits -
  • In a month, you can use the Buy Now feature at Bidhere a maximum of 4 times.
  • In a month, you cannot purchase the same item more than once using this option.
These are quite limiting, considering the fact that Bidhere has no limits on the number of auctions you can be bidding on.

In the next part, I'll discuss Quibids vs Bidhere with respect to the types of auctions, winning chances, special gifts, bonuses and other interesting features. Stay tuned! And subscribe to the blog to keep yourself updated.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Quibids Sharing Love Announcement!

Quibids sent a mail to all their customers, saying Quibids loves its customers! Just when you thought it couldn't really get cheesier.

Well, the announcement is a teaser - they should really reduce these teasers. I suspect it is just to increase the mails they send out, which is not something you want to overdo. This teaser is for some announcement on February 2011. What announcement? Well, that's a secret.

You do need to Fan them on Facebook. This also gives you a chance to win well. Read my post on How to Get 50 Free Quibids Bids if you want to know more about this.

Monday, January 24, 2011

OMGiWON Coupon Code

I had recently written about a new penny auction site, OMGiWON It is a nice alternative to Quibids because it is new and therefore less crowded.

On this site, you get 7 free bids when you register. Now, you can get an additional 5 free bids when you use the OMGiWON coupon code of "wow". This is not available during registration. You can just register and you will get your 7 free bids. Now go to My Account and click on Coupon. Here you will be asked to enter your coupon code. Enter wow and you should have 5 free OMGiWON bids credited to your account.

12 bids at this new site are enough to win some small-ticket items like gift cards. No harm trying because you don't even need to invest any money!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Review of Quibids Strategies

This post gives a review of my Quibids strategies - a short overview of the bidding process and how you can win big on Quibids. Follow the main articles for a complete analysis.

The first post you need to look into is the Best and Worst Times to Bid on Quibids. This is perhaps the most important Quibids strategy simply because the difference can be significant. Very significant actually. The post discusses the times you should avoid and more importantly the times when you have the maximum chance of winning at Quibids.

Then, the overall bidding process can be broken down into essentially two Quibids strategies: The Waiting Game and The Volunteer's Dilemma. These two Quibids strategies are diametrically opposite but towards the same goal. It doesn't make sense to use both of them on the same auction. However, you can use them on different Quibids auctions. The whole trick is to know which auctions are well suited for which Quibids strategy.

The Waiting Game involves saving your bids and bidding at the last moment but it doesn't go well with the overall psychology of bidding at Quibids and indeed any other penny auction. On the other hand, the Volunteer's Dilemma is riskier and aggressive, and it plays very well with the psychology of bidders. However, you might lose more bids. The trick is to know how to reduce this risk.

Next, you need to know about improving your winning chances. The Quibids Bid Voucher Strategy deals with how to use bid vouchers effectively. It is a common misconception that you should go after bid vouchers - you can do just fine or better without them. For one, they are highly competitive. Also, you lose real bids for voucher bids, which increases the risk considerably. So you need to play tactically here.

You will then need to understand how different types of Quibids bidders behave and how to beat them. The aggressive bidders are hard to get rid of, so you need to devise a strategy to beat them. You need a Quibids Strategy Against Aggressive Bidders that doesn't have you spending all the bids that you have.

Another important thing that you should know is the Quibids Strategy of Winning Against Bidomatic. This is important because bidders get uncomfortable when they are pitted against a machine and they give up sooner. However, there is no cause for worry and you can use some strategies mentioned in the main post to beat the Bidomatic.

Finally, with some experience, you will be ready to win the big-ticket items like Macbooks and Plasma TVs. This is a different ball-game altogether though the basics remain the same. As a guide, I have written the Quibids Strategy of Winning Big Ticket Items that will help you in the process.

I hope this review of Quibids Strategies was helpful to you. Be sure to go through the resources here and also share your stories with all of us. Good luck bidding!

Beezid Strategy for Winning

Beezid strategy to win is slightly different from Quibids strategy because of the inherent differences between the two. My Quibids strategies can be found on the right hand side of the page. This post deals with Beezid strategy.

Beezid is another famous penny auction like Quibids. I know Quibids is getting overcrowded and therefore people are looking for alternatives to Quibids. Beezid is famous because of its aggressive marketing campaign, but there are many areas in which it falls short. Read my complete analysis of Quibids vs Beezid

Now, as mentioned earlier, Beezid strategy can be quite different from Quibids strategy. Here is how.

At Quibids, you can use aggressive bidding and it greatly helps you win items because there is a Buy It Now option so you know you don't really lose a lot of money even if you lose the auction. This is well explained in my Quibids Strategy Volunteer's Dilemma post. On the contrary, there is no such option at Beezid. Therefore I would not suggest this bidding strategy at Beezid.

So what is the best Beezid strategy? I would say use the Waiting Game strategy for most cases. This will minimize your losses and give you a good chance at winning. However, it is of utmost importance that you do not quit - keep bidding till you are the winner. This is the only real way to win. In all other cases, you simply lose the money.

Also, at Beezid there is no real difference between the real bids and voucher bids. Therefore you should try and win as many Beezid voucher bid packs as possible. You can read about Strategies to Win Voucher bids.

Remember that at Beezid you get 10 free bids when you register (you don't need any Beezid coupon code). You should use these bids wisely. They are valid on all beginner auctions. These auctions are easier to win and it would be great if you can win something big using just the free bids. Since beginners may not really know a lot about Beezid strategies, you have a good chance of winning. So make sure you know all the proper Beezid strategies before you start bidding.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Alternatives to Quibids: OMGiWON

There are several alternatives to Quibids that you might be interested in. The auction model of Quibids is a bidding fee model, which is called as a penny auction. If you do not know what this means, read my post on How Does Quibids Work.

So why should you be interested in alternatives to Quibids? After all, Quibids has, for a long time, been one of the best penny auction sites on the internet and its success is inspiring with over a million auctions. The reason is, as many people have noticed, Quibids is getting increasingly crowded and thus more and more competitive. This reduces your chances of winning, and even if you win, you might need to spend a lot of bids and thus money on winning the item.

To my readers, I recommend a new website OMGiWON. This is still new and has many promising features for the future. Being new, I can immediately see the lower competition. You can simply use Quibids Strategy Waiting Game or Quibids Strategy Volunteer's Dilemma to win on OMGiWON.

While choosing alternatives to Quibids, it is important that you look for legit penny auction sites. This is important because a few new sites are just a scam. This is why I recommend this particular site. You also get 7 free bids on registering. In addition, the site has a special bonus of 5 bids by using the coupon code - wow. This can be redeemed from the My Account tab of the site.

With 12 free bids, you can win something good already from the site. I have seen gift cards going for a few cents, which translates to just a few bids. This is not surprising since the site is quite new.

Here is a small case study: Both these auctions are from yesterday, January 20th 2011. Both the products are similar - Bose Headphones/Earphones of similar pricing. The two auctions, one at Quibids and one at OMGiWON are shown below:

Quibids auctionOMG AuctionAs can be seen, the difference is significant - OMG is cheaper by more than 10 times. This becomes significant considering how much money you have to spend if you win/lose this auction.

I would be happy if you can share your own success stories on this site here.

Winning Quibids Bid Vouchers

Winning Quibids bid vouchers is one of the first advices given to beginners. However, this may not be the right way to start off your Quibids journey. Indeed, Quibids bid vouchers may not even be that attractive when you take a comprehensive view.

Should you Win Quibids Bid Vouchers?
Depends. Firstly, bid vouchers are extremely competitive. People tend to think that if they are bidding on a 25 bid voucher, they think they can afford to spend up to 25 bids to win in. Add in dozens of bidders and you get the point.

The real problem is, voucher bids are not equivalent to real bids. Quibids has a wonderful "Buy It Now" feature that you can use to buy the item you bid on at the retail price if you don't win the auction. Voucher bids do not count towards this. Theoretically, you should not lose bidding on Quibids. However, so many people just ignore this that it is just sad.

Winning Quibids Bid vouchers should be a concern only when you do not want to buy the item that you are bidding on. This can happen with some big-ticket items like Macbooks and HD TVs. You can learn about the Quibids strategy of winning big ticket items to win these.

However, for smaller items, I would suggest not trying to win voucher bids. You can always look at Quibids like a nice place for entertainment and possibility to win. If you only bid on those items that you would buy in any case, you really cannot lose. Voucher bids will reduce this possibility because voucher bids don't count towards buying the item at the market price.

If you are still interested to win Quibids voucher bids, you should prefer to bid on the 50 and 100 bid vouchers. These are comparatively less competitive. For beginners, I suggest the 15 bid voucher as well, but the payoff is low in this case. Also remember that you need to pay an additional $2.00 for handling fees, which reduces the effective bids won by about 3. Therefore you are making a profit only when you win the 50 bid item within 47 bids or 15 bid voucher within 12 bids.

Quibids bid vouchers are a double edged sword. On the one hand, they allow you to increase your bids but on the other, they can lead to potential losses. You need to tread carefully.

Are you looking to get some free Quibids bids? Check out how you can win 50 free Quibids bids.

Monday, January 17, 2011

How Does Quibids Work

This post is for the beginners who want to know how does Quibids work. For the people who are already members of the site and know your way around, you should look for my Quibids strategy series. For starters, you can look at the Best time to bid on Quibids, Quibids strategy of Waiting Game and Volunteer's Dilemma.

So for the newbies again, how does Quibids work? How are they able to give away Macbooks for a hundred bucks? Is Quibids legit? How can anyone offer 90% off?

So let's get the obvious out of the way - Quibids is legit and it is making loads of profit. It is not a charity that gives away brand new items for a few bucks. So how does Quibids work?
How Quibids WorksSimple - Quibids uses a Bidding fee auction model (link to Wikipedia page) which is usually called the penny auction on the internet.

There are 3 fundamental differences between penny auctions and ordinary auctions. If you understand these, you will know exactly how Quibids works and how they can offer up to 90% discounts and still turn a sizable profit.

Pay Per Bid: Bidding is NOT Free
This is the most fundamental difference between a penny auction like Quibids and a traditional auction site like eBay. Quibids makes it profit from the bids. Whenever anyone places a bid, she is charged $0.60 irrespective of whether it is a winning bid. As you can imagine, this adds up quick.

For example, a typical Macbook auction can attract more than 10,000 bids. This is a very conservative estimate. This translates to $6,000, which is a healthy profit margin for a Macbook selling at $100.

Do you see the point? Quibids doesn't make money from the price of the item they are selling. They can afford to give away the products for free! Their income stream is from the bids.

Simply put, Quibids is a win-lose type of situation. The winner can get a great deal on the purchase but everyone else loses. Contrast this with a traditional auction scenario which is a win-break even situation: If you win, you get a good deal and if you lose, you actually lose nothing. In Quibids, if you lose the auction, you will lose money.

Timer Increments
This can be a confusing aspect to beginners who ask how Quibids work because they do not understand how the timer is increment. In spite of what Quibids claims, the simple reason for this is they want to make more money.

A fixed timer can give rise to the auction strategy of sniping. Everyone will bid at the last moment. This will significantly reduce the total number of bids placed and as stated in the previous point, Quibids makes money off the number of bids placed.

So Quibids simply increments the timer by 10/15/20 seconds each and every time a bid is placed. This is also a reason why you will never know when an auction will end. It will always be 2 seconds away when someone bids and the timer increments. I have seen auctions go up to 12 hours for the big-ticket Quibids items.

Bid Value Incremental
In a traditional auction, you can bid any amount. However, at Quibids, you can only bid so that the price increments by 1 cent (sometimes 2/5/10 cents). Why is that?

As previously stated, the source of revenue for Quibids is not through the selling price of the item but through the bids placed. From their standpoint, they make a maximum profit only when the number of bids placed are high. So their aim as a business is to see to it that people bid a lot on a product.

The simplest way to accomplish this is by lowering a price. When someone sees a Quibids macbook selling for a couple of bucks, he is more tempted to bid than when the same product is bidding at a thousand dollars. Thus to maximize the number of bids placed, Quibids will not allow you to bid any amount but only an amount that increments the cost up 1 cent.

So now you know how Quibids works, you can start off your Quibids journey! Don't forget about Free Quibids Bids that you get on signing up. Also, before you start bidding, go through all the Quibids Strategies tutorial that you will find on this blog. This will greatly improve your chances of success and you can make some really good profits. Good luck!

Friday, January 14, 2011

How Does Beezid Work

A lot of people ask how does Beezid work? I find a number of beginners asking this question because they are unaware of the penny auction model. Among the penny auction sites, Beezid is one of the most aggressive advertisers. This is why a number of people seem to stumble upon Beezid. As with any penny auction, you should never bid before knowing how Beezid works. However, just because you have heard of the name doesn't really make it any better.

Beezid is just like Quibids in that the model of the auction is a penny auction. However, it does have some different rules which may be good or bad for the bidders, depending on a number of factors.

As a quick overview, Beezid and indeed any other penny auction is very different from an ordinary auction. The main difference is that you pay for every bid placed, the bid amount is not determined by you but simply increments by 1 cent and the timer increments every time a bid is placed. This is how Beezid works - mainly on these 3 principles.

So how does Beezid differ from Quibids? Well, for one, they are proud to be called a penny auction, unlike Quibids! More seriously, the bid cost is different that Quibids. Different bid packs cost different. I think the reason is simple - they want people to buy bigger bid packs. This seems tempting but I would resist, especially because Beezid seems to have a far negative reputation in terms of reviews than Quibids.

Beezid also gives some free bids that you can use on registration. This is also given by Quibids but you need a coupon code. If you are looking for Quibids free bids, you should get a coupon code. However, Beezid works differently - everyone is given the free bids, which makes it better (especially to those who don't stumble upon a blog like this to get a ton of free Bids :) )

So to answer how does Beezid work and how does it compare to Quibids, I would suggest reading reviews online. From my experience and research, Quibids fares far better than Beezid in terms of customer satisfaction in general. That being said, I am sure people are realizing how competitive Quibids is getting, which means they are looking for alternatives. Of course Beezid can be as competitive, but people are surely looking for other avenues.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

50 Free Quibids Bids!

If you were following this blog, you would know that Quibids was giving away 10 free Quibids bids every day for their Facebook users. Quibids will ask a question every day and the best answer would win 10 free bids.

Well, Quibids changed this policy - now the prize has increased to 50 free Quibids bids!

This is a great promotion strategy. It looks like Quibids is well positioned to take the social networking boat to success. The future of internet marketing is through social media and Facebook is without doubt the best medium for this. I am sure that Quibids will get a number of users who in turn will promote it to their friends. I find the aggressive marketing campaign for Facebook to be timely and appropriate for the company to grow.

Also, I would like to remind you that you get 10 free Quibids bids on just joining, i.e. becoming a fan of the Quibids page.

As of today, there are 34,569 people who have 'liked' the Quibids page on Facebook. It sure does look popular.

My prediction: The page will reach 50,000 fans by the end of April.

This is a cool opportunity to get some free Quibids bids and win big. Don't forget to check out my Quibids strategies to know how to win on this penny auction.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Quibids Strategy-7: Winning Against Bid-o-Matic

This Quibids strategy helps you to win against those bidders who use bid-o-matic. It is very natural that you might be intimidated by the automatic bidding tool. It gives the whole "not-human but machine" thing to bid-o-matic. However, you do not really need to fear this automatic bidding tool. Follow the Quibids tips given in this post and you should do just fine.

Quibids strategy bid-o-maticTo beat the Quibids bid-o-matic, you just need to understand the limitations of this tool. Here are the main Quibids strategies that you must use to beat this tool -

  • Arbitrary Bid Timing: This is an important characteristic of the Bid-o-matic tool. You will never know when the bid is placed - it is always placed before the timer reaches 0. Therefore it it could be when there are 12 seconds left or 1 second left for the auction to end. This means you can simply use my Quibids Strategy Waiting Game for this purpose.
  • Limited Bids: Many times, people forget that you can only place a maximum of 25 bids in the Bid-o-matic tool. You should use this to your advantage. Bidders sometimes just forget this limit and leave their computer, only to lose the auction soon. Patience is therefore the key and one of the most important Quibids strategies that you will really find.
  • Use the Round-off Psychology: We have a tendency to prefer whole rounded off numbers when it comes to setting the price limits. There is no mathematical advantage here but that's the way humans work. Thus you will see a number of bid-o-matic bids expiring when the price hits $5, $3.5, etc. Be sure that you bid till you reach this "nice" number and chances are you will win soon after, mainly because of the Volunteer's Dilemma but even otherwise.
The Quibids bidomatic tool is really no different from any human - you can use the same Quibids strategies in general, apart from the ones mentioned above. Be sure that you read all my Quibids strategies listed on this blog before you bid on Quibids so that you have the maximum chances of winning.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Quibids on Facebook

Quibids is on Facebook. This isn't really new but I wanted to let my readers know. You can join the Quibids page.

The good thing is, you can get 10 free Quibids bids by joining the Quibids page. In addition, there is a contest there every day and the winner gets 10 bids. This is a good way to win some free Quibids bids for your bidding. The questions are quite general and really there is no "right" answer.

Facebook is really gaining popularity among small businesses. Quibids sees this as a great opportunity to connect with the bidders. The main Quibids site isn't very good for this interaction.

You can also ask Quibids questions on their Facebook page and they usually answer if they have one. I think it is also a good way to connect with other Quibidders!

So go ahead and join Quibids on Facebook to get your free Quibids bids

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Featured Auction of the Week: Complete 3D Projector Package

I had discussed the last featured auction of the week from Quibids here. My readers will know that I mentioned this in that blog post:

"One good thing - Quibids is not holding this featured auction on a weekday. This is good for bidders because weekdays can be really busy at Quibids with lots of bidders and thus a reduced possibility of winning. Instead, they are putting up the Quibids featured auction on Thursdays."

Looks like Quibids changed the rules of the game already! The new featured auction of the week is going to be held on a Saturday. I think this only reinforces how important the right bidding time is. If you haven't already, read my post on Best Time to Bid on Quibids.

Quibids Featured Auction
A Thursday would have been very good for bidders. Saturday is good for Quibids. I would certainly have liked to see the auction continue on a Thursday to give bidders a better chance. Oh well.

So this week you can win a Complete 3D Projector Package. The countdown has already started but there is absolutely no point bidding right now, so don't start already! Wait till the last moment and then place your bids. Don't waste your bids as of now.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Quibids vs Beezid

Quibids vs Beezid is a good question that people seem to ask when faced with the prospect of choosing a penny auction site for their needs. There are many similarities and differences between Quibids and Beezid. You need to understand both these penny auctions to know which one seems good for you.

I would like to mention here to Quibids doesn't identify itself as a penny auction. However, it is the same business model and certainly falls within this category. Beezid is quite open about being a penny auction site.
Quibids vs BeezidSo getting back to Quibids vs Beezid, how do you decide which one to join. And how about both of them? Well, here are some details you might want to know.

Quibids vs Beezid: Quibids Wins

  • Buy It Now Feature: This is the single most important factor in favor of Quibids. With the Buy it Now feature of Quibids, you can greatly reduce your losses in a penny auction. This is why this feature is a cornerstone of a number of different Quibids strategies. For example, I have discussed the Quibids strategy using Volunteer's Dilemma. This is wonderful and is applicable to any penny auction strategy, including Beezid. However, it works best with Quibids because of the Buy it Now feature.
  • Auction Diversity: Beezid does have some good variety of products on its auction site. However, in terms of number and diversity of the products, Quibids wins hands down. Quibids has at least 2-3 times more auction a day than Beezid (I am sure it is much more), so in this round of Quibids vs Beezid, Quibids is the winner!
  • Bid Pricing: This is a double edged sword. Quibids has a uniform bid pricing throughout which I personally like. However, some others might prefer cheaper bids if you are buying more number of bids. This is frankly a hard one to judge.
  • Customer Service: Quibids seems to be more involved with the customers than Beezid, so I would say in terms of customer service, Quibids vs Beezid is certainly won by Quibids. I know there are quite a few people unhappy with Quibids but you will be surprised to know how many are unhappy with Beezid.
Quibids vs Beezid: Beezid Wins

  • Free Bids: Quibids does give away some free bids but they are rare. Beezid gives away 10 free bids when you join. These can be used on the special 'Cherry Auctions' on the site. This is quite similar to Quibids beginner auctions, but I think not everyone at Quibids is given the free bids whereas everyone at Beezid gets free bids when they join. I would say Beezid wins here.
  • Limits: In this aspect, Quibids vs Beezid might be hard to compare because Quibids has a Buy it Now feature which prevents them from limiting the final cost of auctions. Beezid does have some limits on auctions, so they don't go on forever.
  • Cheaper Bulk Bids: As I said, this is a double-edged sword. If you are serious about winning high-end items, this is a good thing. However, if you just want to try out the site first, you end up paying more than you should. Still, it is good for some, so I'll give this round of Quibids vs Beezid to Beezid.
Both Quibids and Beezid are into aggressive marketing. You can see Beezid ads on more traditional outlets like TV. Also, Beezid proudly says it is a penny auction. Quibids also advertises well on different mediums online. I have seen Quibids ads being shown on some of the most respectable web outlets.

The post discussed about Quibids vs Beezid and which one is better. It is hard to say as peopel are happy and disappointed with both these sites. Personally, I would say Quibids is better than Beezid, but of course you might disagree.

Quibids Strategy-6: How to Win Big Ticket Quibids Auctions

A Quibids strategy for winning big-ticket items can be quite different from the ones that you might use for a $10 Walmart card. This post will help you to win big-ticket items like Quibids Macbook or Quibids iPad. In fact, there are not the only big ticket items. A non-exhaustive list of these auctions include -
  • Quibids Macbook
  • Quibids iPad
  • Variety of Plasma TVs
  • Variety of high quality cameras
  • A number of Netbooks and other Laptops
  • Occasional Quibids treats like Honda Civic car and a Caribbean Cruise!
As a general rule, anything that costs more money is a big-ticket item and naturally has more competition.

Not all Quibids strategies are applicable to these items. For example, you cannot use the Volunteer's Dilemma Quibids Strategy throughout the bidding process because there are too many bidders around and the chances of this game-theory like classic dilemma situation is rare. However, it can be used in certain phases.

So here are the list of tips to win Quibids Macbook or other big-ticket items:

Quibids Tip-1: Timing is the Key to Winning

First, you should read my post on Best and Worst Times to Bid on Quibids, which is a post on Quibids strategy that discusses the least and most competitive times at Quibids. If you want to win a big-ticket item like Quibids Macbook, it is very important that you bid during the least busy times. I cannot over-emphasize the importance of this. If you bid at the wrong times, your probability of winning can drastically decrease.

I want to demonstrate this with an example. Here are two auctions of the same product. One of them is during a good time and another during a bad time. This is exactly as is mentioned in my post. Can you see the difference?

Cheap Plasma TV for $4.10, bidding during the best time mentioned in my post:

Costly Plasma TV for $170.36 during the worst time mentioned in my post.

You should now be convinced how important bidding at the right time is to win on Quibids.

Quibids Tip-2: Decide if You can Pay the Full Price to Cut risk

Why are you at Quibids bidding for this item? Sure, you would like to get some cheap items but are you ready to pay the full market price. I know most bidders don't. However, your winning Quibids strategy depends on this decision, so you need to make a choice right now.

  • I can never pay the retail price: In this case, you should invest in bid vouchers. Read my post on How to Win Quibids Bid Vouchers to learn about this. Remember that there is no universal Quibids strategy that will ensure you will win. There is risk involved in Quibids and indeed any other penny auction. You can lose all the money that you invested in and for a big-ticket item this can be quite high. You should be willing to take on this risk if you want to follow this path.
  • I can pay the full retail price if it comes to that: Good! You are using Quibids to see if you can get a great deal but if not you are still ready to pay the full retail price and get the product. In this case, you should NOT use your real bids and bid on voucher bids. This is because voucher bids do not count towards your Buy It Now feature. If you lose the auction, you do not really lose any money because all the 'lost' money can be used towards buying the product at the retail price.
Quibids strategies are all about probabilities. Without a doubt, there is luck involved. You will find a number of Quibids tips and strategies throughout my blog but all they can do is improve your probability of a win - they cannot guarantee a win.

Remember that when you lose an auction, you lose money. This is not eBay. If you are seriously trying for a big-ticket item, you will need a lot of bids. If you lose, all this money is lost. Be aware of the risk before you venture out.

Quibids Tip-3: Use the Waiting Game

For big-ticket items, you should use my Quibids strategy on Waiting Game. This will help you to use minimal amount of bids. However, remember that while this is a theoretical best strategy to use, there are many practical constraints. This works very against the psychology of a bidder. No one likes to sit for hours in front of a computer and track every second and every bid.

If you belong to the category that can afford to pay the full retail price, you should also use the Volunteer's Dilemma Quibids strategy during the bidding process. This should never be used on a continuous basis. Rather, you should use it when there are no aggressive bidders around.

This is a high-risk high-return strategy. If you are able to create a classic game-theory dilemma situation, you can end the auction then and there and win the item. If not, you will end up losing more bids than usual. It can work well if you study the nature of bidding of your fellow bidders. If they appear meek and less aggressive, there is a higher probability that you win using this strategy.

Quibids Tip-4: Use the Bid-o-Matic Option

This is an important Quibids strategy from a practical point of view. We are all humans, after all, and we cannot sit for hours together in front of the computer without missing a single bidding chance that occurs once every few seconds. We need some rest and time off.

It is very risky to just stop bidding during a time window. This is because someone else might win the auction in this time and if he does, you will lose all the money you invested up to that point in the form of bids. This can be a very nasty situation.

Therefore, just use the Bid-o-Matic option which will allow you to place bids automatically without the need to be present in front of your computer.

However, remember the limitations of this method. For example, the maximum number of bids that can be placed through this is 25. You should read up about Bid-o-Matic first before you start bidding. The information can be found at the Quibids Help Section.

Quibids Tip-5: Avoid Bidding at the Start

This is a great Quibids strategy that a lot of bidders neglect. Big-ticket items can be highly competitive at Quibids and there are hundreds of bidders trying to win it. It is highly unlikely that you will win the auction for a few cents or even just a few dollars.

Therefore, it is best that you do not bid during the starting part of the auction. It is highly unlikely that you will be missing something. If in the rare case the auction ends during this time, try it the next day again. But following this Quibids strategy can save you hundreds of dollars.

One estimate is to use the 'Recently Sold for' amount for this product. Of late (last few months) Quibids has been using the lowest amount for this number that has occurred in the last few weeks. Therefore, totally avoid bidding till the price reaches this value.

Even after reaching this value, it is highly unlikely that it will end soon. You can wait longer. It is really hard to say how long - impossible in fact. Take a calculated risk in this aspect. However, remember that once you start bidding, you cannot give up half-way because if you do, you will lose all the money invested.

Quibids Tip-6: Be Prepared for a Long Haul

When you want to win a big-ticket item like a Quibids Macbook, you need to be prepared for a really long haul. No one can predict how long the auction can go. In the pictures shown above, the difference in time between the two auctions was several hours. You cannot really predict the time-frame.

Sometimes, items go late into the night and continue even up to the next day morning. We are talking here in the order of 6,8,10 hours at times. I know this can be really long but that's the price you got to pay.

Being prepared for this is important, not just psychologically but also physically. Have something to eat and munch on during the auction. While eating, use the Bid-o-Matic as described in the previous Quibids strategy. However, don't doze off to sleep before the auction ends!

Quibids Tip-7: Never Say Die

So finally, the last in the list of to win Quibids macbook and other big-ticket items! This is very important because a lot of people just don't realize it. If you are not going to be prepared to buy the product at the retail price, you might just lose a lot of money trying. This is the risk that you should be prepared to take.

If you quit halfway, you lose the product and also all the bids that you placed till that point. This can mean a lot of hundreds of dollars. Therefore the best strategy is to stick through with bidding and trying to win.

Also, at each stage reconsider your decision of whether to use the Buy It Now feature. For example, if you have spent $1000 on bids on a Quibids Macbook, it is much better that you put in a few hundred more dollars and buy the product than lose all the $1000.

I hope these Quibids strategies help you win big on Quibids. Good luck!
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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Top 7 Quibids Tips and Tricks

These Quibids tips and tricks will help you make the most of your bidding experience at Quibids.

If you are looking for my Quibids strategies, you should read my previous posts to see the various ways on how to win on Quibids. You can use the Volunteer's Dilemma Quibids Strategy to win smaller items, or the Waiting Game Quibids Strategy to win bigger items. You should also be well aware of the Best and Worst Times to Bid on Quibids which is probably the most important thing to know before you start your Quibids journey. You should know the power of Bid Voucher Quibids Strategy especially for the big-ticket items. You should also be aware of How to Win Against Aggressive Bidders

With this background, let me summarize all the important Quibids tips and tricks you will need on your Quibids journey.

Quibids Tips and Tricks-1: Set Realistic Goals
This might sound like Grandma's advice but I wish to include this first on my list because it is really important and often neglected. Penny auctions like Quibids can suck in a lot of your money if you are not careful. This can be addictive. No, it is not like gambling but the thrill of winning and the rush of adrenaline are all there when the timer approaches zero.

I would therefore advise you to strictly impose limits on your spending. Also, never bid on items that you don't need just because you might get them a little cheaper. This is not the right way to win at Quibids.

Quibids Tips and Tricks-2: Understand the Penny Auction Model
There is no dearth of people complaining how bids cost money and they are non-refundable if you lose. Yes, this sounds unfair but you really did not think that Quibids will give away a Macbook for $100 and pay the rest from their pockets did you?

Yes, the profits are huge. Humongous perhaps, but that's the auction model. If you do not like it, don't bid on Quibids. It is very important that you understand thoroughly how penny auctions work. No amount of Quibids tips and tricks will help you realize this if you fail to understand the model of the auction at Quibids. Here is a very quick summary, which is by no means comprehensive -
  • Timer increases each time a bid is placed. It is not exactly a countdown in the traditional sense like eBay.
  • Bids cost $0.60 per bid. You can check out my previous posts on how to get some free Quibids bids but these are still limited. You need to pay for the bids you place.
  • Bids once placed cannot be redeemed for money. If you purchase more bids and don't use it, you can always get a refund but not if you use them.
  • Yes, items do sell for 90-95% discounts but you need to pay through the bids used. The cost to you is not so much through the price of the item but through the bids that you place.
  • There is exactly one winner and everyone else loses money on an auction in the form of lost bids. Fair? I don't know!
Quibids Tips and Tricks-3: Know your Bidding Timing
The best time to bid on Quibids can help you win auctions much cheaper. However, it is not just the final cost that is different. When you bid on items during the least busy times i.e. least competitive times, you have a very strong chance of winning if you follow my winning Quibids strategies. If there is huge competition, things can get really very difficult.

If you haven't already, read my post on Best and Worst Times on Quibids and note the times when the site is least busy. An important point to remember is that it is not just about the number of people online but also the number of auctions open for bidding. Therefore it can happen that there are an awful lot of people but there are plenty of auctions for them all, so the competition tends to distribute away, especially for smaller items.

Quibids Tips and Tricks-4: Use the Buy It Now Option to Cut Risk
Quibids has the most wonderful option of Buy It Now. Using this, you can use the money that you spent towards an auction to go towards buying it at the retail price if you fail to win the auction. In fact, I think this is the most important of the list of Quibids tips and tricks that you should know and use.

Penny auctions are inherently risky but using this option you can greatly reduce the risk associated with bidding on Quibids. This is why it is all the more important that you want and like to have the item that you want to bid on.

Ask yourself this question: If I don't win the auction, am I willing to pay the market price for this item? If the answer is a big no, avoid bidding on the item. If you lose, you will lose all the bids along the way.

Quibids has a number of different auctions and I am sure you can find auctions that you really want to win.

Quibids Tips and Tricks-5: Bid Vouchers can be Useful
Bid vouchers are a great way to multiply your bids. You have a number of Quibids voucher bid auctions and you can win some of them.

So how are Quibids voucher bids good? If you win a Quibids bid voucher auction, you will be credited with the bids immediately. Suppose you spent 40 bids to win a 100 bid Quibids voucher. Effectively, you have won 60 extra bids at the site!

What if you lose? Don't worry - just use the Buy It Now option and buy the bid voucher right at the site! Read the previous Quibids Tips and Tricks point for this.

Voucher bid auctions are usually competitive. Don't expect them to be easy.

Warning: You should remember that Quibids voucher bids do not count towards the Buy It Now feature. Therefore bid voucher strategy is a double edged sword that you need to decide for yourself whether you want to invest time and money in them or not. If you are strictly bidding on the items that you want, you should try to avoid them. If not, go ahead and win a few.

Quibids Tips and Tricks-6: Get Free Quibids Bids

There are many ways to get a few free Quibids bids. These Quibids tips and tricks on finding free bids can be found on my blog, so be sure to follow this blog to keep yourself updated!

If you are new to Quibids, learn how to get free bids on registration. If you are already a member, there are many other ways in which you can get your free Quibids bids. Try out some tips on getting free Quibids bids. You also get some free Quibids bids on your Birthday.

These free bids help you on your path of winning Quibids auctions and can be very useful. For example, if you are new, there are certain beginner auctions that are only open to beginners. This way you can win auctions easily as there is less competition and newbies seldom know all the Quibids strategies needed for winning.

This is the reason I also encourage my readers to check out other penny auction sites. You get some free bids on registering and if you are lucky, you can win a small gift card using just the free bids.

Quibids Tips and Tricks-7: Big-Ticket Items are Very Different
Quibids has a number of big-ticket items like Quibids Macbook, Quibids iPad, laptops, netbooks, holiday cruises, etc. Therefore it is important that you understand the strategies to win these are very different from the ones you use to win $10 Amazon gift cards. Without appreciating this difference, you might wrongly apply the same Quibids strategy to both of them and end up losing a lot of bids.

My post on Volunteer's Dilemma Quibids strategy should be used for smaller items and occasionally for bigger items when there is reduced competition.

In addition, you should remember that the Bid-O-Matic Tool is a good resource to use in big-ticket auctions that last for a very long time. On the other hand, it is a bad idea to use this tool for smaller items, especially if you are using my Waiting Game Quibids Strategy.

Also, you should try to avoid bidding in the initial stages of a big-ticket auction as there are many naive aggressive bidders. Let them all run out of gas before you swoop in.

Quibids Tips and Tricks-8: Losing is Not an Option
If you follow this maxim, you will not lose money at Quibids. No, this is not some New Age maxim I am throwing at you. Instead, if you firmly decide that you will bid till the end i.e. till you win, you can be the winner. You will be surprised by the number of bidders who do not persist enough.

Remember to use this particular Quibids strategy only when you are sure to use the Buy It Now option of Quibids. Without this, it is best to know when to quit.

You can also get aggressive to scare away the small time Quibids bidders so you can emerge the winner. This works very well when there are very few professional Quibids bidders.

In summary, I have given my list of Top 7 Quibids Tips and Tricks. If you have something to add, be sure to add a comment. Winning on Quibids is an art and you should learn before you can apply this art. I hope this blog post was useful to achieve this goal.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Quibids Strategy 5: How to Win Against Aggressive Quibids Bidders

This is a part on Quibids Strategies. You should also check out my posts on Quibids Strategy: Best Times to Win, Quibids Strategy using Volunteer's Dilemma, Quibids Strategy Waiting Game and Quibids Strategy Using Bid Vouchers.

In this post, I am discussing my Quibids Strategy to win against aggressive bidders.

An Aggressive Bidder is defined as someone who doesn't wait for the clock to run down before he places a bid but instead places his/her bid immediately after another person places a bid.

If you regularly bid at Quibids or any other penny auction, I am sure you would have come across aggressive bidders and wondered what Quibids strategy will beat them. There are many strategies that aggressive bidders are using to prevent you from winning. For starters, they are playing on the psychology of a Quibids bidder. This is because no one likes to be outbid the next moment.

Consider this: You like an item and place a bid. As soon as you place the bid, someone outbids you. Now you place your bid again and within a second, you are again outbid by the same person. This is a natural cause of frustration and after a few bids, the person usually just gives up. This is not the right Quibids strategy.

However, you do not have to be afraid of aggressive bidders. You simply need to understand their psychology and their situation to really beat them. Remember that when bidders get aggressive, they have fewer number of bids left as they need to outbid every person. This is important to remember because when you spend 1 bid, the aggressive bidder might need to spend 5. This is because you are not the only other bidder - there are other bidders too. The aggressive bidder needs to spend bids to outbid every single bidder and thus loses bids.

Aggressive bidders can have a trick or two down their sleeves, though. You need to be aware of the Quibids strategies that they can use. For example, when there is an aggressive bidder and many other meeker bidders, they each rely on the other to place their bid, thinking they are protecting their bids. The aggressive bidder wants exactly this. It causes a situation that is described in Game Theory as Volunteer's Dilemma. Don't get caught in this trap!

So here is what you need to remember: to beat an aggressive bidder, you need to keep bidding. Never give up. If you give up, you are not just losing the auction to the aggressive bidder but you are also losing the amount that you spent towards your bids. Against an aggressive bidder, you can play the Waiting Game Quibids Strategy.

An aggressive Quibids bidding strategy is not very sustainable and the aggressive bidder will sooner or later run out of steam. You are not the only bidder but don't let the decision of others impact your own strategy. You can certainly beat aggressive bidders using my Quibids strategies described on this blog. Just remember never to get intimidated.