Monday, May 30, 2011

Last Chance for 50% Free Bids at HappyBidDay

HappyBidDay Coupon Code: MEMORIALDAY (Click to Activate)

HappyBidDay is an interesting penny auction which is relatively new penny auction, is less crowded than sites like Quibids and not too many people know about it. As an example, I was just following an auction as it ended in ... 5 bids.

The ending price was $1.06. What confuses many people is the price - they think there were 106 bids and think the site is competitive, but only 5 bids were placed. This is because the auctions at HappyBidDay start at $1.01 and not at $0.00 or $0.01 which is generally the case. Plus, almost all auctions have free bids with them, so you buy a bid pack, win an item, get free bids, then use these free bids to win more items (of course you need to follow penny auction strategies) It is a nice site to check out and they have regular promotions as well.

They are giving 50 free bids on purchasing a 100 bid pack for the Memorial day coupon till the end of the month, i.e. 5/31 using the coupon code mentioned above.

Check out the site at to see the auctions.


  1. Hi Sid, I've found your blog very helpful regarding Quibids. I got sucked into buying betting chips (bids) on their site because there was no indication at all that signing up for an account would result in my credit card being charged. ebay never did such a thing, so I consider Quibids and others to be gambling sites, not auction sites, since users are compelled to buy "bids" (think of them as betting chips) before any bidding takes place. Anyway, which penny gambling site do you use nowadays?

  2. Ron, I am glad you found my blog helpful with regards to Quibids which is what my main focus has been. I am sorry to hear that you didn't get the products that you wanted. However, if you haven't used your bids, you can apply for a refund with Quibids - they will return the money immediately (not for the bids that you placed though). Quibids is very different from eBay.

    The reason it isn't gambling and bids are not the same as betting chips is that it isn't a game of pure chance. If there can be a strategy, it is not exactly gambling. Plus, Quibids always has a Buy Now feature so you can buy the item at its retail price if you don't win it by using the bids that you used in the auction to count towards this final price. I don't think any casino will allow you to buy a gift card with the money that you lost.

    In the end, I suggest you know the rules of the game, otherwise it can end unpleasantly. I hope you know about penny auctions now. If you become my Facebook fan, I am giving out a free eBook about winning penny auctions to my fans which could be quite helpful.

    About what sites I personally use, HappyBidDay is definitely one (about which I wrote above). MyPadiddle has some very good deals going on right now (less competitive) and Quibids is always good with the Buy Now option. There is another auction with bullion products I am participating in but I am yet to get my product shipped, so I will not recommend it (I cannot recommend a site that I haven't tried out personally and had a good experience with). RockDawg is also a great site to join (use coupon code RD52 to get 15 free bids on registration) but it isn't a traditional type of penny auction - most are 'unleashed auctions'. You can read my interview with Diane of RockDawg here at the blog:

    Feel free to follow me on Facebook or through comments here and let me know if I can be of any help whatsoever. I would be glad to help you out in any regard. You can always reach me by email at as well.