Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Best Penny Auction Coupons

Penny auction coupons are very useful if you are looking to get some really nice discounts. Lots of penny auctions have a system where they give free bids if you use a coupon. Still others have penny auction coupon codes that give a good discount on bids.

However, one of the best deals on penny auctions that you can get is at PennyAuctionCoupon. This is a wonderful site which is modeled after Groupon. So here is how this site works - they feature a penny auction on their homepage for 1 day. This penny auction then gives a huge discount to everyone who buys from PAC. Discounts of up to 50% are the norm here, which is much higher than any penny auction coupon can ever give you.

From the point of view of the penny auction, it is a good way to promote their site. They get a host of interested penny auction bidders who are then able to join their site and perhaps be active.

Many of the well known penny auctions are also featured on PennyAuctionCoupon and you might just find one of your favorite sites listed as well. Remember there is one deal every day.

The process is quite simple - you join the penny auction being featured if you haven't done so already. Then you buy the bid pack directly from PennyAuctionCoupon who pass on your information to the penny auction. You will then have the bids credited to your account within 24 hours. It is risk free because you pay not directly to the penny auction but to the site PAC, so you know you cannot be scammed.

Check out PennyAuctionCoupon to find some great penny auction coupons and deals.

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