Thursday, April 14, 2011

Quibids Review compared to New Penny Auctions

Quibids review comparing it with new penny auctions is important because many bidders are in a dilemma whether to join Quibids or the tons of new penny auction sites that are coming up almost every day on the internet. How does Quibids review compare to new penny auctions?

Here are some things that will help you decide which ones to join. If you want a comprehensive Quibids review, read my post Quibids Review: Good, Bad and Ugly.

So getting back to comparing Quibids with others, here are some pointers:

  • Quibids is Legit: You many not have experienced a scam penny auction first hand, but trust me, it is very frustrating. It is difficult to get your money back though can try to file a complaint with your credit card company. However, staying invested in scam penny auctions is not the road anyone wants to be taking. Quibids is a legit penny auction that you can be sure will not scam you. If you win the product, you will get it. You have 100% peace of mind in this regard. In terms of legitimacy, no new penny auction can come close to the comfort Quibids can offer its bidders. And yes, it can be a big deal. I am not saying that new penny auctions are scams but there is no way to separate the wheat from chaff. Most online ratings are totally worthless. You can read reviews on blogs like this one but they can only go so far. If you like the game of penny auctions and want to have some fun while shopping without worrying about scams, Quibids is the right site. All the negative Quibids review that you read online is from people unfamiliar with the penny auction model.
  • Quibids has Buy It Now Feature: Yes, this is extremely important if you want to cut your losses. I have seen penny auctions in which the winner has overbid the retail price and in these auctions, every single bidder loses money. Even the winner. This is really sad from the point of view of the bidders. Quibids will help you reduce your risk by offering you a buy it now feature on every single auction. At any point in time, you can buy the product at full retail minus the amount of money spent towards bids. Some new penny auctions like DealDash also have this feature but most don't. If you want to minimize risk, Quibids is a good place to start. You will never see a negative Quibids review against this feature except sometimes the retail price is exaggerated.
  • Quibids is Competitive: This is the main reason why people go to new penny auctions instead of Quibids in the first place. Quibids is the largest penny auction site in the United States. It is not surprising then that Quibids gets the most members and also the most auctions. In fact, Quibids will outnumber most of the new penny auctions put together in terms of number of daily auctions! New penny auctions can be less competitive and therefore offer you much better deals than Quibids. This is the only aspect of this Quibids review where the new penny auctions might be better off. Whether this is worth the risk is up to you to decide.
So Quibids review with respect to new penny auctions can be tricky because the new penny auctions are less competitive and can give better deals. On the other hand, the new penny auctions can potentially cause you to lose a lot of money too. The ultimate decision is of course up to you.

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