Friday, May 20, 2011

Quibids is Fascinated with Apple Products!

So once again, the featured auction of the week at Quibids is a bundle of Apple products. This is becoming routine now.

Quibids is the largest penny auction in the US and it has a very good cushion of cash to absorb losses. I would like Quibids to be more risk-taking and adventurous in this regard and at least for the featured auctions of the week, it should try to include something more fun and exciting. There were some great auctions in the past - holiday packages, vacation tours, cruise trips, a car, to name a few. However, of late, I don't see any of these exciting products on Quibids and it is fast losing its sheen.

Quibids should realize that it is big now, that doesn't mean it can be lax. A lot of smaller nimbler penny auctions out there are innovating more than Quibids and offering great deals to their bidders (e.g. HappyBidDay) Quibids needs to be careful if it wants to retain its position as the superior penny auction. Already, many are looking for alternatives to Quibids because the smaller, lesser known penny auctions are less competitive and can offer better deals.

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