Saturday, May 28, 2011

Penny Auctions Blog on Facebook!

For all my readers, I have a new way to stay connected. Why, of course it is Facebook! Please join me on Facebook by liking the page. You will get the latest news, updates, free bids, promotions, etc. through the Facebook page, so don't miss out. I have lots of offers to offer!

Also, I am writing an eBook 'The Ultimate Guide to Win Penny Auctions' where I will include all the penny auction strategies, tips etc. It is going to be a comprehensive guide for penny auctions which will be immensely beneficial to all bidders. I plan to sell it at $19.95, but to my first 25 Facebook Fans, I'll give it for FREE! So that's my gift to you - join me on Facebook now! The eBook should be ready in a couple of weeks.


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