Friday, May 13, 2011

Quibids vs HappyBidDay: Where can you get the Best Deals

Both Quibids and HappyBidDay are great penny auctions that provide ample opportunities to win products at huge discounts. So which one should you choose to join? Here are some pointers:

Just because Quibids is the largest penny auction site out there doesn't naturally make it the best. This is not hard to understand: everyone is on Quibids and the site can get really competitive. Plus, being the industry leader, they seldom bring in huge innovation which smaller penny auctions do.

HappyBidDay wins. The competition at HappyBidDay is less than Quibids and even moderately experienced penny auction bidders can have a field day at this site. One of the reasons is that not many bidders know about HappyBidDay and Quibids is more famous. So if you are looking for low competition penny auctions, forget Quibids and try out HappyBidDay.

This is the auction that just finished as I was writing this post. You can see a $50 Amazon card and 50 bids all going for just a little over $1. This is the norm at HappyBidDay. With a little experience, you can win great stuff. 

Testing Waters: 
When you join Quibids, you will get 10 free Quibids bids if you use the right Quibids coupon code. When you join HappyBidDay, you get 50 free bids just during the registration process! In addition, you will get 3 free bids every day that you log in. This is a lot of bids to try out the site. However, the use of free bids is limited to certain auctions, so if you are serious about winning on this site, you should buy a bid pack and win the better products on offer. In any case, HappyBidDay gives you a lot of opportunity to test the waters before you invest a lot of money into the site.

Cost of Bids: 
At Quibids, bids cost a constant $0.60/bid. At HappyBidDay, bids cost less at $0.53/bid. This is a 12% saving right away. In addition, for a limited time, if you use the coupon code HAPPY, you get bids for $0.51/bid. You can redeem this coupon here. This would represent a 15% saving right off the bat. In the long run, it does make a difference.

Special Auctions: 
HappyBidDay is better in innovating and keeping it more exciting. There are special auctions to use all your free bids only and also auctions there you will not need to pay the final auction price! This is a nice innovation so that winners don't get burdened by extra costs. Such a feature is unavailable at Quibids.

Win Limits: 
I have to say, even a little experienced bidders have great winning chances at HappyBidDay. HappyBidDay win limits are 30 wins/month, which is very good, as opposed to 12 wins/month for Quibids.

Auction Variety: 
Here, there is no doubt that Quibids is better in that there are many more auctions available. However, if you win an Amazon gift card at HappyBidDay, you can buy anything that you want. HappyBidDay does have many popular items but it is no match for Quibids on this front.

If you fancy good winning chances and are fine with good gift cards, I highly recommend joining HappyBidDay. Just register here and get 20% off the first bid pack purchase.


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