Sunday, May 29, 2011

RockDawg Coupon Code

I am happy to announce a new RockDawg coupon code for bidders. This is valid only for new users who sign up with this code. You will get 10 free RockDawg bids, which is a great deal, in my opinion. The RockDawg coupon code is RD52.

RockDawg is a new penny auction which has special 'unleashed auctions' to add to the excitement. It is a very trusted site and has one of the best reviews online. They have a great customer service you can reach practically anytime. You can also read my interview with Diane of RockDawg. Diane is the co-founder of RockDawg.

Edit: There was some problem earlier and now it is resolved. So all you have to do is just log in to your RockDawg account, go to your account and on the left hand side menu click on Redeem Awards. Then, enter the coupon code RD52 and you will get 10 free bids instantly added to your account! If there is still a problem, drop a comment and I'll get it fixed. 

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