Wednesday, January 12, 2011

50 Free Quibids Bids!

If you were following this blog, you would know that Quibids was giving away 10 free Quibids bids every day for their Facebook users. Quibids will ask a question every day and the best answer would win 10 free bids.

Well, Quibids changed this policy - now the prize has increased to 50 free Quibids bids!

This is a great promotion strategy. It looks like Quibids is well positioned to take the social networking boat to success. The future of internet marketing is through social media and Facebook is without doubt the best medium for this. I am sure that Quibids will get a number of users who in turn will promote it to their friends. I find the aggressive marketing campaign for Facebook to be timely and appropriate for the company to grow.

Also, I would like to remind you that you get 10 free Quibids bids on just joining, i.e. becoming a fan of the Quibids page.

As of today, there are 34,569 people who have 'liked' the Quibids page on Facebook. It sure does look popular.

My prediction: The page will reach 50,000 fans by the end of April.

This is a cool opportunity to get some free Quibids bids and win big. Don't forget to check out my Quibids strategies to know how to win on this penny auction.


  1. hi please u can give me 50 bids

    1. love quibids they can always give me 50 bids

    2. I cannot, unfortunately, do that. You should try to get the free bids from the above mentioned sources. That's the only way.

    3. it doesnt work trust me i did the facebook thing. they never gave me squat. Dont give them any marketing pr without something in return. dont make the mistake i did.

  2. Well lets try to see if it works.


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