Sunday, May 22, 2011

Huge Promotion at OrangeBidz

OrangeBidz is a new penny auction with lots of great products (some, like silver bullion, are not even offered by Quibids!) You can read my OrangeBidz review for reference.

This post is about OrangeBidz promotion. There are lots of giveaways for both new and existing members, so hopefully some can make use of it. Here are all the amazing deals and offers that you can get -

  • For existing users, simply log in today and you will get 3 free bids
  • For new users, register today and get 10 free bids (no coupon code necessary) 
  • For everyone, there is a special Second Chance Bid Pack, an amazing deal from OrangeBidz. If you buy a 100 bid pack today and use all your bids by Sunday, 5/29, and don't win any auction, then you will get all your bids replenished for one time! This means when you buy a 100 bid pack, you will either win an auction you like or get a complete bid refund if you lose, provided you use all the bids by 5/29. It is a great offer for many bidders. 
  • There is also a $25 discount on 200 bid pack. 
  • Everybody wins auction: Bid on this $75 Amazon gift card and all users, winners or losers, will get all their bids back! 
Some recent deals on OrangeBidz: 

Yesterday new user royalosaze won a Wii Console with only 62 bids.
twofar2quit won a 35 Olive Garden Gift Card with 1 bid.
iPod nano  - $1.25
Apple TV - $0.03 ( Idontbackdown with 1 bid!)
$50 Best Buy Gift Card - $0.05   (WillNotStopBidn with 1 bid)
2011 American Eagle - $0.21
Amazon Kindle Graphite $0.39 (16 bids)
$50 Walmart - $0.59
Apple iPod Touch - $1.96
Nintendo 3DS  - $0.07
Xbox 360 -$ 0.60
Statue of Liberty Gold Bar - $0.05