Complete Penny Auction Strategy Guide

Here is a comprehensive penny auction strategy guide that will greatly improve your winning chances on penny auctions. Remember that all penny auctions have an element of risk and there is NO penny auction strategy that can guarantee you a win. This doesn't exist and anyone claiming otherwise is just a snake oil salesman you should beware of (yea, all those 100% guaranteed wins are just to attract your attention, with no substance).

The topic of penny auction strategies is really deep and there are plenty of complex strategies that I discuss. I have written a penny auction strategy guide for Quibids, which I developed a while ago and which, to date, remains the most popular set of posts on my Penny Auctions Blog. However, my Quibids strategies are equally valid for any penny auction, with slight modifications.

When you are reading these penny auction strategies, especially the ones written for Quibids, try to understand the meaning behind the actions that I urge you to take. This will help you adopt the strategies to suit your needs. In addition, every penny auction is different, and you should use your best judgement when it comes to using the right strategies.

It is also very important to really know which penny auctions are good. The ideal penny auction is one where you are guaranteed that it is not a scam and it is not too well established that it is extremely competitive. These 'intermediate' sites are the ones that I like but it is totally up to you. Quibids of course is well established and trustworthy.

The most important thing to remember is to look for a Buy Now feature in the penny auction. There could be variations depending on the site and auction model but you should have some sort of protection that you don't lose your money in bids and don't win the item you are bidding on.

Over the months, I have written several articles that should be included in this strategy guide. I hope these prove effective and helpful.

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