Penny Auction Interviews

As a penny auction blogger, I like to interview the owners, founders and CEOs of penny auctions. This gives readers a rare glimpse into the world of penny auction entrepreneurs. I hope to continue penny auction interviews for old and new penny auctions. Interviews are a wonderful way to know more about the thoughts and opinions of the people who run these businesses.

Larry of Nebids

Jill Farrand of Quibids

Al Benyameen of PennyGrab

Diane of RockDawg

Andrew Hyder of Penny20

Caleb of BidTavern

Greg Smith of BidWhammy

Hilary St Jonn of CashArena

Greg Walding of GetInToo

David Hoffman Jr. of MyPadiddle

Steve of ScoreLuxe

Do you have any ideas or suggestions? Are you interested to be interviewed about your penny auction? Contact me and let me know.