Saturday, January 22, 2011

Review of Quibids Strategies

This post gives a review of my Quibids strategies - a short overview of the bidding process and how you can win big on Quibids. Follow the main articles for a complete analysis.

The first post you need to look into is the Best and Worst Times to Bid on Quibids. This is perhaps the most important Quibids strategy simply because the difference can be significant. Very significant actually. The post discusses the times you should avoid and more importantly the times when you have the maximum chance of winning at Quibids.

Then, the overall bidding process can be broken down into essentially two Quibids strategies: The Waiting Game and The Volunteer's Dilemma. These two Quibids strategies are diametrically opposite but towards the same goal. It doesn't make sense to use both of them on the same auction. However, you can use them on different Quibids auctions. The whole trick is to know which auctions are well suited for which Quibids strategy.

The Waiting Game involves saving your bids and bidding at the last moment but it doesn't go well with the overall psychology of bidding at Quibids and indeed any other penny auction. On the other hand, the Volunteer's Dilemma is riskier and aggressive, and it plays very well with the psychology of bidders. However, you might lose more bids. The trick is to know how to reduce this risk.

Next, you need to know about improving your winning chances. The Quibids Bid Voucher Strategy deals with how to use bid vouchers effectively. It is a common misconception that you should go after bid vouchers - you can do just fine or better without them. For one, they are highly competitive. Also, you lose real bids for voucher bids, which increases the risk considerably. So you need to play tactically here.

You will then need to understand how different types of Quibids bidders behave and how to beat them. The aggressive bidders are hard to get rid of, so you need to devise a strategy to beat them. You need a Quibids Strategy Against Aggressive Bidders that doesn't have you spending all the bids that you have.

Another important thing that you should know is the Quibids Strategy of Winning Against Bidomatic. This is important because bidders get uncomfortable when they are pitted against a machine and they give up sooner. However, there is no cause for worry and you can use some strategies mentioned in the main post to beat the Bidomatic.

Finally, with some experience, you will be ready to win the big-ticket items like Macbooks and Plasma TVs. This is a different ball-game altogether though the basics remain the same. As a guide, I have written the Quibids Strategy of Winning Big Ticket Items that will help you in the process.

I hope this review of Quibids Strategies was helpful to you. Be sure to go through the resources here and also share your stories with all of us. Good luck bidding!


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  2. Jon,
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