Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Quibids Review: Customer Service

Read my full Quibids review here. In this Quibids review, I discuss customer service at Quibids.

Customer service is a very important part of any business, and is especially so in case of penny auctions. Quibids, being the largest penny auction in the US, does take customer service seriously. In fact, I remember many months ago when Quibids wasn't really as big as it is now, they had representatives who would post on different forums and blogs (including this one!) to explain the penny auction model, dispel doubts and solve problems. Now, I don't see them doing this at all.

However, through the months and through the periods of great growth, it must be acknowledged that the customer service at Quibids still remains top class. If you have a problem and write to their customer service, you will hear back something. This is especially in cases of shipping and handling or other minor issues. They seem to have a good degree of freedom as well, which is very good. A long time ago, I remember I reported some problem with the auction clock and they promptly refunded me all the bids for the auction.

That being said, the internet landscape is changing and changing fast. I fear Quibids isn't really prepared for this. One very good thing that they did was to launch an aggressive Facebook campaign to attract masses through social media. Today, the Facebook page at Quibids has over 60K members and increasing. Plus, they are all enthusiastic bidders who remain active on the page as well. Quibids still runs its daily Facebook contest for 50 free bids, which keeps people active.

Social networks like Facebook can be a double edged sword. If handled poorly, they can lead to the downfall of huge companies. Quibids is just a small company compared to the giants around who couldn't control social media. I have a problem in my Quibids review of their overall Facebook campaign.

There are many people who raise concerns about Quibids on Facebook and the company usually doesn't address them. All the profile of Quibids does on Facebook is to comment on the positive experiences, which is NOT the purpose of having a Facebook page in the first place.

What I would like Quibids to do is to have a much more sophisticated social media team. If they need help, they should hire an expert, but the way things are going now, they don't look pleasant. For Quibids to survive and reach the next level, they do need a dedicated social media presence where they can address consumer concerns. I would like their customer service standards maintained on Facebook. It is really tragic that they are not.

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