Saturday, March 26, 2011

OrangeBidz Review

This is my OrangeBidz review

OrangeBidz is a penny auction that is much newer than the more established players like Quibids. This means you can get some great deals on the site as it is still growing. OrangeBidz gives some great deals on new products.

I was surprised to see the number of auctions already up on the site. OrangeBidz is relatively new and it has been online a little more than a week. Even now, there are more than 10 auctions per day, which is high for a new penny auction site.

OrangeBidz reveals all the previously ended auctions and their final price. This is unlike Quibids that hides this data. You can see the list of all closed OrangeBidz auctions to get an idea of the price and your bidding strategy.

OrangeBidz has all the usual good aspects of a good penny auction: no shill bidding, no bots bidding to increase the price, etc. It is a fair penny auction without any hidden fees. The bidding cost is $0.75/bid irrespective of how many bids you buy.

In my OrangeBidz review, I came across a great feature: OrangeBidz has no shipping fees! This means there are no extra costs associated with the auction, which is indeed good for the bidders.

OrangeBidz is also very active on social networks, especially Facebook. This is something Quibids does too, but Quibids is very competitive if you want to win some free bids. However, OrangeBidz is relatively new and you are not just another person out of the tens of thousands. There are regular competitions and contests that help you get some cool deals and some free bids. Penny auctions that are active on Facebook are more popular for obvious reasons in the long term. In addition, free bids are certainly a great way to start off bidding on a penny auction.

The customer service is prompt and helpful. This is an important aspect for a penny auction because it keeps the bidders happy and addresses all their concerns.

Another very positive aspect of OrangeBidz review is that it has very fast shipping. In fact, they ship the products the same day that they are won! They can afford to do this as they are new and there are not thousands of products every day.

I think OrangeBidz is a nice penny auction if you are looking for low competition penny auctions where you have a higher chance of winning than Quibids and other established penny auctions.

Check out OrangeBidz and let me know your thoughts on my OrangeBidz review.

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