Monday, February 7, 2011

ScoreLuxe Review: Penny Auction for the Serious Bidder

This is my ScoreLuxe Review
ScoreLuxe is a penny auction with a difference. This site puts up auctions only for the more coveted items in the field of penny auctions. This means you will not see $10 Walmart cards or $15 ear plugs being auctioned here. You will find only high end products and gift cards - there are no cheap stuff. Here is a ScoreLuxe review for those who are interested in such items.

What makes this site attractive is a very neat design, a 100% satisfaction guarantee with the product and the no BS approach to penny auctions. Frankly, you cannot go for the "safe" here and you will only be bidding on high-end luxury items. Gift cards too are auctioned only for these luxury places like SpaFinder, Victoria's Secret, Bloomingdale's, etc. This is the aspect I like about ScoreLuxe review: It is a niche penny auction that doesn't auction everything under the sun but specializes in its niche.

If you like to pamper yourself but find spending $500 in a spa hard on your conscious, ScoreLuxe is a perfect place for you, as you can get the gift card much cheaper. You can also find designer goods, especially from Louis Vuitton.

However, ScoreLuxe is not limited to just the luxury items. You can find high-end electronics, most notably Apple iPad. You will also find Amazon gift cards to help you buy electronics online.

Coming to the iPad, it is a very common item that is put up on penny auctions, but ScoreLuxe seems to have it at one of the cheapest industry rates. As a comparison, consider the prices at ScoreLuxe and Quibids:

ScoreLuxe iPad
Quibids iPad
ScoreLuxe is over 10 times cheaper! And of course it is also much less competitive for these products.

It is hard to compare the other items because ScoreLuxe usually has unique items that are not common in other penny auctions. However, if you have always craved for indulging in some world renowned brands, here is a great place you can do it without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Visit ScoreLuxe to see the items yourself.


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