Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Quibids Unethical Problem Resolution

Quibids has grown big, perhaps too big that it likes to curb free speech now. I saw a very interesting discussion yesterday at the Facebook page of Quibids about how some people think there is something fishy going on there. For one, a user with the name of IDONOTQUIT1 seems to win way too many big ticket items in spite of all the limits that Quibids imposes. Some claimed that they are using unethical auction practices, perhaps even bots. If this is the case, it is most certainly illegal. Also, there were other concerns of collusion among users which should not be allowed.

Now instead of addressing the concerns of the bidders, what does Quibids do? It deletes all the posts! That's right, now the entire discussion with multiple threads and posts are all gone from their Facebook Page.

In my opinion, this is highly unprofessional and unethical. If people have concerns, then Quibids should do everything to address those concerns. Deleting posts is certainly not the way to go.

When Quibids was small, I remember they were much more concerned about their image and addressed issues arising in forums and other places. In fact, I remember Jill commenting on one of my own blog posts where I discuss about Quibids Errors. Now, the site has grown too big too fast and it is simply using an iron fist to try and suppress opinions - not good.

No wonder then that people are quite unhappy about it. Here is a screenshot - I am not sure if this will remain till tomorrow or if Quibids will simply delete this as well. I'll try to cover more of this aspect of Quibids which actually comes as a surprise to me - usually they are prompt with customer service and other issues - at least they were so back in the day (which is a few months ago!)

So in the rare case someone at Quibids is actually listening/reading, here is a suggestion: You do have great customer service in most cases, but you really need to work on your social media skills. I mean really need to work on them. Facebook is as good or even better way to resolve issues and build trust. Use it wisely instead of just blowing people off. Be active in discussions and help people out. That will talk a lot more than behind the doors customer service that you pride yourself on.

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