Sunday, April 3, 2011

Swoopoo, Oohilove Closes: Entertainment Shopping Inc. Bankruptcy

Entertainment Shopping Inc. the company that runs penny auction sites Swoopoo and Oohilove has filed for bankruptcy. I am not sure if the bidders were given a refund for their money invested. Swoopoo is inaccessible and Oohilove site says it is closing its doors.

Swoopoo was one of the first penny auction sites to open and it is sad that they are closing down. I hope Quibids doesn't have similar problems. I will also update here if I get any information on what happened to the money invested by the bidders.


  1. Hi there! What happened to Quibids? I can't access their website too.

  2. Quibids seems to be working fine and I can access their website. Please try visiting again.
    There was an outage earlier this week that I wrote about: