Friday, April 1, 2011

MyPadiddle Review

Here is a MyPadiddle review.
MyPadiddle is a new penny auction that can be a very good Quibids alternative to those who are looking for excellent deals. This penny auction is legit and serious about the business and is invested for the long term. There are many desirable features that you can find in MyPadiddle.

First off, the product selection is amazing. Most new penny auctions are filled with gift cards as they don't want to take any risk for potential loss but not MyPadiddle. There are high-end electronics like Nintendo Wii, Motorola XOOM and iPad2! Quibids is yet to auction an iPad2 but you can already find it on MyPadiddle. This is quite striking.

Being a new penny auction, they definitely have lower competition. This helps bidders a lot, especially in the initial stages. The site also has several plans for the future, including being an industry leader in Event Tickets. This aspect of MyPadiddle review is important because it shows they are serious about their business and certainly have plans for the future as the site grows. I think it will be an exciting penny auction for the future as well.

Being a new penny auction that is very serious about the business, MyPadiddle takes customer service very seriously and you can get really prompt replies from them for any issue that you may have. In addition, their shipping times are also great and you can expect to get your won products well within the week.

If you are looking for a great place to get some deals, MyPadiddle is a great penny auction to find these. I hope this MyPadiddle review provided some good background on this new penny auction. Check out MyPadiddle here!

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