Saturday, April 23, 2011

7thBid Coupon Code: Amazing Deals

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7thBid is a new penny auction that has a promising future and some great excitement. It has lots of features that you wouldn't normally find in penny auctions, so it is certainly worth checking out, like every 7th bid is free at this penny auction. 7thBid also has a wide variety of gift cards that you can use anywhere.

So here is a great 7thBid coupon that you can use to get some extra free bids and greatly improve your winning chances at the site by spending less:
7thBid Coupon Code: GIMME20 
This has to be entered in the Paypal message area when you buy a bid pack and you will get 20% bonus bids!

I think this is a great coupon code that you should use and check out the site. Being a new penny auction, 7thBid isn't very competitive and you can already see some really great deals being won. They also limit power bidders so ordinary bidders have a very good winning chance.

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