Tuesday, April 5, 2011

CrazyCigarDeals Review

This is my CrazyCigarDeals Review.

With hundreds of penny auctions mushrooming daily all over the internet, did you wonder what the future of the industry will be? How is one penny auction different from another? Sure, the Big Boys like Quibids can auction everything from cars to vacation deals to sporting event trips, but what about the new penny auctions? The answer lies in niche sites: penny auctions that are leaders in their specific domain only.

CrazyCigarDeals is such a niche penny auction. Like the name suggests, CrazyCigarDeals sells cigars in a penny auction model.

One immediate reason to trust CrazyCigarDeals is that it is backed up by its parent company TBS Cigars. This company has been selling cigars and cigar related products for more than 10 years now. This is an important part of CrazyCigarDeals review because you can be certain that the site isn't going to close down next week.

Also, I have personally won a cigar pack using 4 bids and the product has already been shipped to me, so I can say with personal experience that CrazyCigarDeals is indeed an honest and legit penny auction.

It is actually encouraging to see sites like CrazyCigarDeals because it shows that businesses that have been online for many years now are slowly embracing the penny auction model. In this case, TBS Cigars saw potential in this model and thought that penny auctions are an excellent way to sell products.


So here is the question that should interest everyone: how competitive is CrazyCigarDeals? It is an important question to ask in CrazyCigarDeals review especially at this stage of the site's evolution. I would have to say it is new and really, there is not much competition. If you go through the penny auction strategies that I discuss in my blog, you should have an easy time winning products. When I personally bid, I used up just 4 bids to win a pack.

Here is an example from today, the last auction won at the time of writing this.

The last auction on CrazyCigarDeals was one in 1 bid for 1 cent! (auction ended on April 5th 2011) The low competition is apparent now and I hope everyone finds value in the site. Personally, I think there will be many more bidders in the next month or so, so if cigars is something that even remotely interests you, I would say join the site immediately. After all, you cannot really go wrong with a pack of cigars for a cent!

Bid Prices

CrazyCigarDeals has a differential pricing system for the bids. Currently there are 4 bid packs available here:

1. 50 bids for $20, $0.40/bid
2. 100 bids for $35, $0.35/bid (the one I purchased)
3. 200 bids for $60, $0.30/bid
4. 400 bids for $100, $0.25/bid

If you are an avid cigar lover, then it makes sense to try out the 400 bid pack. The lower the cost of bids, the more number of bids you can safely use on a given auction. Also, the site is just starting out but they promise to have many more exciting and high-end cigars in the future, so it isn't a bad idea to stay invested in the site.

CrazyCigarDeals Free Bids

So apparently that's not all! Whenever you register at CrazyCigarDeals, you will get 10 CrazyCigarDeals free bids on registering. This is amazing considering the low prices at which the auctions end. It took me 4 bids to win my first product here, which is well within the 10 free bids that they give out. I would not be surprised if the same happens with you.

In addition, the site has been generous to all my readers: Use the CrazyCigarDeals coupon code of SIDSDEAL and get an additional 10 CrazyCigarDeals free bids! That's 20 free bids as soon as you register. I think these are great deals that everyone can try out. There really isn't anything to lose if you get 20 free bids at the onset on a 100% legit penny auction. You might as well register and try your luck in winning the next item for a cent!

Check out CrazyCigarDeals here. Use coupon SIDSDEAL for 20 free bids.


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