Wednesday, April 27, 2011

HappyBidDay Review: Try out this Great New Penny Auction!

I have always written how Quibids is getting all the more competitive each day and thus a lot of bidders are looking at good Quibids alternatives. Here is one great new penny auction that I came across: HappyBidDay and I'll give here my HappyBidDay review and how it can be a great Quibids alternative.

This new penny auction gives you tons of freebies to get started. It is 100% legitimate and it is very easy to win some very attractive products at this site.

Free Bids: 
HappyBidDay has a ton of free bids that you can win. As soon as you sign up, you will get 50 free bids! You also receive 3 free bids each day you log in. This is a very good promotion where you can try out the site for free without spending a dime. The free bids can be used on a variety of specially designed products that help you test the products. Oh and you also get 50 free bids on your birthday! These free bids is a very great aspect of HappyBidDay review because they allow everyone to participate and win and gives beginners a chance to try the system out.

Ease of Winning
This is perhaps the most important part of any new penny auction. At HappyBidDay, it is much easier to win than other established penny auctions like Quibids.I have gone through the list of ended auctions, and it looks like the price is very reasonable. With a little bit of investment in bids, you can really win some amazing products at cheap rates. The site is still new and I am surprised by the variety and quality of products that they are offering. With more products, the overall competition decreases and therefore you have a much higher chance of winning.
Winning at HappyBidDay is easier than Quibids. Do check out my Quibids strategies that can also be applied to HappyBidDay.

Auction Varieties 
HappyBidDay has several types of auctions that would be of interest to bidders. Like Quibids, HappyBidDay has a lot of auctions where free bids are given away. This is a nice promotion that allows you to win products as well as rack up bids. Also, there are special auctions where you can use all your free bids that you accumulate.

HappyBidDay has some other auction types that Quibids doesn't. For example, there are 100% off auctions where the winner doesn't pay the final auction price. It is a nice incentive to start off.

New Promotion
Apart from these, at HappyBidDay you get 20% off your first bid purchase! This can be used wisely as you can get bids at a much reduced price and thus increase your profits. It has low competition and many products and 100% legit, so you don't have to be afraid of spending money on the bids. Good luck!

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