Sunday, April 3, 2011

Quibids Lifelong Happiness: April Fool's Day

Just when you thought Quibids has auctioned everything from cars to laptops, here is something you might not have expected: Quibids auctioning LifeLong Happiness! Depending on your perspective, it is a comic relief or just a lame effort to do something different. Quibids says this is part of its April Fools Day promotion! Not sure how this qualifies as an April Fool's joke: I am sure no one actually thought they were bidding on lifelong happiness!

By the way, if you are tired of all the stupid April Fool's Stories (including a lame attempt by Google once again), you might find Stories that could be April Fool's Pranks but aren't by BBC an interesting read.

And if you are really interested in knowing the secrets of happiness not from a spiritual, religious or philosophical point of view but from a scientific point of view, you might enjoy these TED talks - Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman discussing the difference between experiential happiness and memory happiness and Daniel Gilbert, the Harvard psychologist discussing the latest research on happiness.

Anyway, apparently Lifelong happiness at Quibids sold for $1.43 and its retail price is $1m :) So congratulations to the winner of Lifelong Happiness CLoaKnDaGGeR. By the way, bids weren't deducted for those who wanted to bid on this auction!

By the way, for those who are wondering if the formula given above by Quibids is so simple, it isn't. To be happy, you cannot keep doing what you are doing because of the law of diminishing utility and a gazillion other reasons: If you are happy eating a chocolate it doesn't mean that you should keep eating chocolates all day long. This is naive and reflects the maturity of a 8 year old thinking on happiness. I think they should have come up with something better - this is just insulting the intelligence of Quibids members.

Update: Just realized this is part of a bigger series of auctions at Quibids. The others seem better!
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