Saturday, June 4, 2011

Using Bids to Win More Bids - Penny Auction Strategy

A few months ago, Quibids started packaging bids with products. Thus the auction consisted not just of the product but also some free bids with it. This isn't a very novel concept and other penny auctions have been doing this for a long time.

There are few penny auctions in which this is the rule rather than the exception, i.e. they have free bids bundled with every product. I have previously written that this is the case with penny auctions like HappyBidDay, which are particularly easy to win if you are a seasoned penny auction bidder or if you read my penny auction strategies.

The reason this site is good for bidders is that the usual number of bids on products is less than 50-100 total even if there are 75 free bids! Thus even if you spend 25-50 bids, you have a very good chance of winning 75 bids along with an Amazon gift card (the most popular gift card there) which means even after spending bids, you are now left with more bids and an Amazon gift card!

This happens in a few penny auctions. At Quibids, this is rather rare. Also, Quibids is more competitive than these penny auctions. This is a good strategy to employ when you want to win more bids.


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