Thursday, June 16, 2011

Quibids Data on Sony Cyber-Shot 16 MP Waterproof Camera

This is some Quibids data on Sony Cyber-Shot 16 MP Waterproof Camera. Thanks to Chris who mailed me about this and also the 3 data points. This should be a nice indication of when to bid at Quibids, although the data is very insufficient. I think it should be interesting to do a more thorough analysis in the future with various models and perhaps different brands too. This should give more data points to see how the trending is. Anyway, for this particular case, if you are interested, here is the information: (all times in EST)

1. Auction-1: Ended at $46.94, Sunday 5:03pm
2. Auction-2: Ended at $17.09, Thursday 9:41pm
3. Auction-3: Ended at $1.85, Saturday 2:40pm

If you have more data on Quibids, or would like to see some more data on products, do let me know.

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