Thursday, June 2, 2011

HappyBidDay: Use Price Confusion to your Advantage!

HappyBidDay is a low competition penny auction which is a very good site to get some great deals. Not many competitive penny auction bidders know this site, so there is ample scope for great deals. Another good thing is, there are bids added with practically every win, so you really can buy one bid pack initially and then keep winning items and free bids for a long time to come.

Anyway, I wrote this post to tell you about an issue of price confusion that you can greatly use to your advantage. HappyBidDay is like any other penny auction, but they start their auction from $1.01 instead of $0.01 like traditional penny auctions. Why is this important? Because people visit the site, see the price at $1.01 and think there are 100 bids placed, when in fact it is 0! See this auction below:

As you can see, the auction started at $1.01 and ended a couple of bids later. This is usually the norm - in fact, HappyBidDay is one of the very few penny auctions I have seen where bid packs can be easily won.

The other thing is that most auctions, like this Amazon gift card, gives you free bids. As you can see, usually it takes fewer bids to win these items than the number of bids that you get!

Visit HappyBidDay here to get 15% off your first bid pack purchase (coupon activated)

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