Wednesday, June 15, 2011

BBB Accredited Penny Auction Sites

BBB Accredited Penny Auction Sites are generally more trusted than the rest. This is very important because the first thing that you should see is whether a penny auction is legit or not. However, please do be aware that even if a penny auction is BBB accredited, it is not guaranteed to work all the time. I have seen some BBB accredited penny auctions close shop, so don't rely solely on the rating provided by BBB.

The BBB accredited penny auctions are usually the bigger players in the field. They have been around for long and have hundreds or thousands of auctions every single day. They are big and well financed. Even if they make a loss on some items, they make it up with better profits on others.

1. Quibids: Not surprisingly, Quibids is a BBB accredited penny auction. Quibids is the largest penny auction in the US and has thousands of auctions every day. You also have one of the best product selection at Quibids. It is definitely an industry leader.

2. BidCactus: This is a fun penny auction. BidCactus is well known in the industry for its promotions and other free bid opportunities that you have. It is an active and busy penny auction.

3. DealDash: You can't miss the advertisements of DealDash all over the internet! It is a good penny auction, with Buy Now on all its auctions and some really nice deals. Smaller than Quibids but very good nonetheless.

4. BidHere: BidHere is well known in the industry for its great selection of electronic items. You can get great deals on Macbooks, Laptops, TVs and a host of other products. If you are a fan of new technology, this is the site that you should check out.

Here are the BBB ratings of these four penny auctions as of today:
Quibids: A-
BidCactus: A-
DealDash: A-
BidHere: F (there is an alert on this business!)

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