Sunday, June 26, 2011

Telescope in 31 Bids at $1.31!

I was just following this auction and it is a nice deal at HappyBidDay. Well, it is probably not a very big deal, but I would have loved to own a telescope! I like penny auctions that have items that are exciting to a niche audience only because then they are less competitive and there is a higher chance of winning. I don't suppose everyone would be interested in the telescope, but for the winner, it is the best deal he could hope for, spending less than $10 to win a telescope! (note that auctions here start at $1.00 instead of $0.00)

You can find lots of good products on this site. One very famous category is (if you don't like telescopes!) Amazon gift cards that come with free bids, so if you win, you can replenish your bids. If you buy higher bid packs, you can get 12-15% off by Registering Here.

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