Friday, June 10, 2011

Cheap Bids at Penny Auctions

How do you get cheap bids at penny auctions? There are several promos and coupon codes I write about in my blog, but you can get a good number of bids if you choose your penny auction wisely.

There are certain penny auctions like Quibids where bid vouchers are very competitive. This is the reason why I don't suggest bidding on voucher bids at Quibids. You might end up losing many more bids that you intend to gain.

However, at other penny auctions, like HappyBidDay, the voucher bids are usually much cheaper. I think there is a simple explanation for this: most auctions here are combined auctions, e.g. you will get $25 Amazon Gift Card + 75 Bids. This means just usual bid vouchers usually are cheaper. At the time of writing this, the latest bid voucher auction at HappyBidDay was a 125 bid pack that sold with just 2 bids placed!

Late afternoon to early evening seems like a nice time at HappyBidDay and also a time when you can get some great deals on products as well as voucher bids. These bids of course can be used for any auction you like.

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