Thursday, June 16, 2011

Electronic Goods on HappyBidDay

I have previously written how you can get some great deals on gift cards, especially Amazon gift cards at HappyBidDay. The deals are great because the penny auction is much less competitive and also because they usually have free bids along with these auctions, and in most cases, you get more bids back than you placed in the first place!

However, some have asked me whether HappyBidDay is good even for electronic items. Now to be clear, this is a relatively new penny auction and smaller than sites like Quibids, so you won't find a Macbook auction every day. That being said, there are lots of good products that might interest you. Here, I am listing the last 7 auctions (at the time of writing this) of HappyBidDay for Physical Products only - no gift cards, no bid vouchers. Remember that auctions here start at $1.00. Here are the details:

1. Archos Clipper MP3 Player Plus 30 Bids: Total no. of bids = 71
2. Xbox 360 Console with Kinect: Total no. of bids = 874
3. Premium Espresso & Cappuccino Maker: Total no. of bids = 99
4. iPod Shuffle 2GB: Total no. of bids = 126
5. M&M USB Webcam: Total no. of bids = 6
6. Haier 13-inch LED 720p HDTV: Total no. of bids = 62
7. Sunbeam 2 Slice Waffle Maker: Total no. of bids = 71
8. Sylvania Mini 7-inch Android Tablet: Total no. of bids = 564
9. Kodak 8GB USB Flash Drive: Total no. of bids = 2
10. M&M USB Webcam: Total no. of bids = 2

My understanding is that if you bid on smaller items at HappyBidDay, you can get great deals. The bigger items, like on any other penny auction, can be competitive (of course depends on your budget and strategies). The good thing is that you can first try to win bid vouchers here which are not very competitive. Then, you can rack up bids to try on electronics. Another way to try to gain bids is by bidding on gift cards that come with plenty of free bids. 

If you are new to HappyBidDay, Register Here to get 15% off your first bid pack purchase (250 bids) or 12% off on your first bid pack purchase (150 bids). Good Luck Bidding!

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