Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fun Products at Penny Auctions

There are many fun products at penny auctions which might interest the bidders depending on their personal choices and liking. I have always maintained that you shouldn't bid on items that you don't need, but lets admit it, that is the whole point of marketing. When you walk into a supermarket or watch an infomercial, chances are, you don't really need what you buy but you buy it anyway because of the immediate impulse. There is nothing wrong with this really, especially at penny auctions where you can get good discounts. The usual rules of sticking to the budget still apply.

There are many examples of fun products at penny auctions, and some of them are attractive because they are at low competition penny auctions. For example, I just saw a Chef\'s Du Jour 32-Piece Kitchen Set at HappyBidDay. This is a low competition penny auction and this product seems nice even if you have a few of these items already. The auction was won with just 16 bids (the auctions here start at $1.00, not $0.00) thus justifying the decision of the winner to bid on this product in the first place. Perhaps you see this in a store and wouldn't care about it, but on a penny auction, it sure looks impressive.

There are plenty of examples of fun products at penny auctions when you can really get great deals on them. I think the penny auctions get these products at a price cheaper than the retail, so it is a win-win situation really. In addition, these unique products at penny auctions actually help them stand out from the crowd.

Did you win any nice products from penny auctions? Do share!

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