Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Free Bids at BidCactus

How to get free bids at BidCactus? Here is a nice strategy to use.

BidCactus is a trusted penny auction that isn't as big as Quibids so there are lots of opportunities to win products.

One good thing with BidCactus is that it runs lots of promotions to keep bidders active and happy. Here is how you can use this to your advantage and gain some free bids in the process:

Every Friday there are special Bid Back Auctions. In these, anyone who places a bid gets 3 free bids. So even if you don't want the item, just place 1 bid and get 3 free BidCactus bids! This means for every such auction, you can easily make 2 free bids net (1 bid is used up). This way you can collect lots of free bids at BidCactus.

There are other ways as well to get free bids at this site, so it is definitely worth checking out. Check out BidCactus here.

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