Thursday, June 9, 2011

Best Penny Auctions: Complete List

Best Penny Auctions as of June 2011
I'll try to update the list with time. Remember that the best penny auctions keep changing at all times, so it is really hard to give a definitive list that doesn't change with time. Sometimes, the best penny auctions of today might close tomorrow, like Swoopoo. However, I hope to keep you updated of all the latest happenings (especially if you subscribe to my blog or join me on Facebook).

So here are some of the best penny auctions (strictly in my opinion - I don't take responsibility for the list):

Big Trusted Penny Auctions (all BBB Accredited) 
These are the biggest players in the industry. They are also the ones I recommend to check out. They are completely legit and have thousands of winners each month. It is very unlikely they will cheat their customers in any way. All these are also BBB accredited businesses.

1. Quibids: Not surprisingly, Quibids finds its way to the top in my list. It is the biggest penny auction in the US and has been consistently doing good. You can read my Quibids Review as well. It also has the Buy Now option to minimize risk.

2. BidCactus: This is a fun penny auction with lots of promotions and chances to get free bids and discounts. Find my BidCactus Review to know more or just check out the site.

3. DealDash: This is a good penny auction that can give some good deals. You might have seen its ads - they are everywhere!

4. BidHere: This is another one of the big players. This penny auction usually has the biggest electronic items so it can be very useful for those looking to get Laptops, Macbooks, TVs etc are cheap prices.

Smaller, Less Competitive Penny Auctions

1. HappyBidDay: This is kind of in-between in size: it isn't too small but isn't too big either. This leaves it in the 'sweet spot' where the penny auction can be completely trusted but the competition isn't too much, so there are lots of winning chances.

2. Mypadiddle: This is a new penny auction with lots of winning chances. Check out the closed auctions to get a feel for the prices - they seem very good and the site seems to have low competition for now. Read my interview with David of MyPadiddle

3. OrangeBidz: The site has risen steadily from its start just a few months ago and is doing very well for itself and for the bidders.

4. RockDawg: I mention this last only because it isn't strictly a penny auction. It is fun and totally legit and has some great testimonials. It is also a nice break from the penny auction model while still remaining in the entertainment auctions category. 

I hope you find some help from this list of best penny auctions. I have used all of them personally and only then recommended them to you.

Note: BidRivals too should probably be on the first list. However, I have personally had a very bad experience with them for a refund, which I suppose is an exception and not the rule. However, I cannot recommend a penny auction that I don't use anymore and had a bad experience with.


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