Thursday, February 24, 2011

Quibids CSR: Fight Hunger, Feed Hope

Quibids corporate social responsibility is growing as the site grows. Quibids has, from the very beginning, tried to be different from all other penny auctions. This is another way in which Quibids wants to do this: through CSR initiatives. So what has Quibids done lately?

Quibids helps to Fight Hunger and Feed Hope in the regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, where the company is located. The full post can be read here. This is a good initiative by Quibids to give something back to the society.

However, the post says 30 employees volunteered for the event. That may seem more, but according to BBB, Quibids has 100 employees. So that is not a very encouraging number. Nevertheless, something is better than nothing, I guess!

What are your thoughts on this? Oh and don't forget to vote on the poll to the right side of the page!

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