Sunday, February 6, 2011

Everybody Loves You!

I reported on Quibids Sweepstakes for the Valentine's day. That was the message Quibids sent out in their 'spreading love' campaign for the big day. This is a special day (though less than Christmas) for exchanging and giving gifts, so many penny auctions have pulled up their socks and are now having some kind of competition or campaign to mark this day.

I wrote earlier on a relatively new auction BidFire which gives you the first win free when you register through this link. You can read my BidFire review before joining. So BidFire is also geared up for the Valentine's day, but is to a special class of people - the creative and designers.

BidFire is having a competition to get a Valentine's day themed logo, and what better way to do this than through the over 5000 facebook fans they have! The contest was announced on their Facebook Page and has already started. You can see a couple of people already created their designs and submitted them on the page. The prize is 50 free bids at BidFire. (in hindsight, perhaps it should be increased!) So if you are good at the creative side of designing, do make sure to participate. With 50 bids on BidFire you can win a few good items without any investment at all! (it is much less competitive than Quibids).

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