Sunday, February 27, 2011

Quibids Badges: Entire List

Quibids badges are a novel concept where the site allows you to flaunt your achievements and also get some free bids. They are given away for specific activities, tasks, etc. Badges are a good way to get free Quibids bids. If you want to know more about how to get free Quibids bids, you should read my blog posts -
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Now back to Quibids badges. So what are the different badges that you can win? As of today, there are 19 Quibids badges that you can win. They are as follows. The badges are arranged in the decreasing order of number of free Quibids bids that you get on winning these badges.

  1. Big Prize Badge: 15 free bids
  2. Gameday Badge: 15 free bids
  3. Bid Voucher Cycle Badge: 15 free bids
  4. Paparazzi Badge: 10 free bids
  5. Big Spender Badge: 10 free bids
  6. Top Recruiter Badge: 10 free bids
  7. Win in 1 Badge: 7 free bids
  8. Birthday Badge: 7 free bids
  9. Iron Man Challenge Badge: 7 free bids
  10. Trifecta Voucher Challenge Badge: 5 free bids
  11. Super Bidder Badge: 4 free bids
  12. Rock the Bid Badge: 3 free bids
  13. Scrooge Badge: 2 free bids
  14. Plastic Surgery Badge: 2 free bids
  15. 100th Bid Badge: 1 free bid
  16. Mr. Roboto Badge: 1 free bid
  17. Training Day Badge: 1 free bid
  18. Beginner Badge: 1 free bid
  19. More "Bid" Kombat Badge: 1 free bid
These are the 19 badges that are currently available at Quibids. In all, if you win all the 19 badges, you can get 117 free Quibids bids through badges! You can get all the details at Quibids. Good luck!

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