Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Quibids Alternative: DealDash

To all my readers, I would like to recommend a new penny auction called DealDash as a good Quibids alternative. They are not really a new penny auction - they are in business for 2 years now. However, they take great pains to keep the site neat and profitable for the bidders. I don't think they have as aggressive a marketing campaign like Quibids or Beezid, so they are not as well known but they are very good.

The thing I like about DealDash is they try their best to give it a very personal touch, even though there are thousands of bidders there. The customer service is very good (as good as Quibids and certainly many times better than Beezid). Their personal care shows across the site, for example, you can see their blog which has videos from their employees explaining offers and features. I have not seen many sites do that, and even less in the penny auction industry.

DealDash is a legit penny auction and is BBB Accredited as well. It is much less competitive than Quibids, which means you will have a superior winning chance here than at Quibids.

But now the most important question: How profitable is DealDash compared to Quibids?

To know this, you will have to take a case study - a sample of products sold at both these sites. I prefer to choose a reasonably priced item, so I picked a 12 MP camera from both these stores, of comparable prices, around $110 retail. So how does DealDash compare to Quibids?

The screenshots of auctions from the last week are shown below. As you can see, DealDash is over 10 times cheaper than Quibids in this auction. This seems to be the general trend and not limited to just this one auction.

So DealDash appears to have a very good choice of items. Of course, Quibids still remains the largest penny auction out there, but if you can find the product you are looking for also on DealDash, you can save much more money than on Quibids. In addition, I encourage you to check out the prices of previously won auctions on DealDash and Quibids and you will see how Quibids is no longer as profitable as it once was.

DealDash is not exactly new in that it is not a few months old. It has established itself well in a niche field of penny auctioners who are looking for some good cheap deals with an honest and accredited penny auction.

I would really like to hear from you how you found DealDash as compared to Quibids.

Disclaimer: DealDash have agreed to sponsor this blog but they have in no way influenced what is written and have not provided me any content, have in no way told me what to write about them and are in no way responsible for the content that I post about them or other sites on this blog. Everything written in this blog is 100% my original thoughts.


  1. Sid,

    I am not so quick to agree with you on this one. In your other posts about Quibids, you point out that winning auction prices vary according to bidding traffic throughout the day and that winning auction prices in your experience are highest between 10 pm -2 am (ET). I am going to assume that the same rules apply to all auction sites, regardless of their size. In your screen shots above, the winning auction occurred in this hot time zone, whereas the win on Dealdash did not. Also, winning auction prices on this specific item (as is the case with all items) vary dramatically on the Quibids site throughout the day and during the week. For example, the same item recently sold on Quibids for $0.20 (3/17/2011 at 6:27 pm). I am not saying that Dealdash is not a good auction site, just that one needs more than a couple screen shots and a bald assertion about trends to support your argument that it's cheaper than Quibids.

  2. dcelander,
    Not really. The screenshot is just an example. And the times I discuss for Quibids are not universal as you assumed, because it is not just the number of bidders but also the number of auctions that matter. For example, usually weekends are competitive at Quibids but at other penny auctions, weekends are actually less competitive because of a higher product selection.

    The screenshot is NOT a proof. For the proof, you will have to calculate the average number of bids placed on a given item over an extended period of time. I can tell you that this number if lower for DealDash, which is what I claim. You are more than welcome to check out this claim.

    The screenshot is just a random sampling of data from my side. For a statistically significant analysis through screenshots, I'll have to open a website akin to Flikr! :)

  3. I would have to disagree also. Having spend a lot of money on bids over the last 24 hours and having won nothing I am gravely disappointed with the penny auction system--to the point of believing it is scamming people. I could have BOUGHT the items I was bidding on reather than waste two nights on the computer and my kids are the ones who suffer since I was working on buying Christmas gifts. Sad for all of these sites and I hope more people realize how much they are actually losing.

    1. I'm only familiar with quibids but if dealdash is anything like it then you shouldn't have lost any money. I just started using quibids and won two items, $20 item for $0.01 and a $60 item for $0.04. You literally should not lose any money since you have the option of buying the item at retail price if you were to lose the auction, and the money you spent on bids goes towards the purchase price.

  4. Sorry you had a bad experience at penny auctions. There is nothing I can do to change what has happened, but there are several new penny auctions today than there were 6 months ago and some of them could give you good deals. But really, if you dislike the model, you should just stay away and perhaps not check out any new sites. eBay and Amazon are both excellent places to shop, after all.


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