Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl Time Good for Quibids Bidding?

Here is an interesting thought, thanks to Jonathan. He says it is possible that during the Superbowl game today (starts around 6pm EST) there will be less competition on Quibids because many will be glued to their television rather than their computers!

I think it is worth checking this out. A few of my readers had told me that on the Christmas day, it was easier to win at Quibids. If this is true, it is quite likely that Quibids will get easier to win during the game.

I would of course love to hear your thoughts and ideas. If someone actually tries this out, do let me and my readers know whether it was true. I think it is a nice idea to check it out in any case.

Thanks Jonathan!


  1. Thanks for the shout out!

    I did hop on Quibids a few times throughout the game, but never placed any bids. I was checking in on a Macbook Air, which had at least 15 people bidding every time I checked.

    I had a large gathering over at my house for the game so I didn't get to check Quibids as much as I had hoped. Hopefully someone got a good deal or two during the game, but from the one auction I monitored, things didn't appear any different than usual for a Sunday evening.

  2. Jonathan,
    Thanks for dropping by again. Yes, I checked it out too but it didn't look less busy. Seems like not many Quibidders were really into the game. Hope you had a great time yesterday!

    I appreciate your input. Hopefully you can drop by a few times and let me know your thoughts, inputs and suggestions.