Friday, February 4, 2011

BidFire: Penny Auction with a Difference

BidFire has closed now and there doesn't seem to be a sign that it is coming back, even though they said they would come back for "Stage-2". If you want updated information on BidFire, visit the BidFire Facebook Page.

This is a sponsored blog post from BidFire:

What would you Like to Have, Ma'am?
The first interesting thing about BidFire is that they actually take their users and their needs seriously. I mean in terms of the auctions. If people recommend a product and it is feasible, BidFire will auction it for you. So how do you recommend products to them? Just shoot an email to telling them the product that you would like to see.

Everyone's Welcome
A lot of penny auctions get crowded by the professional bidders quite soon. There are ways to curb it, like Quibids uses limits on auctions to prevent aggressive and experienced bidders mopping up all the goodies. This is a good step, but BidFire takes it a step further. They have introduced the special 'Chiller Auctions' which allow the newbies to have a good chance at winning. It is open only to those people who have never won a product priced over $450. So if you have had your fair share of Macbooks and iPads, sorry, no Chiller Auctions for you.

This makes sense because in the end you want everyone to have a good winning chance. Chiller auctions provide a comfort zone for penny auction bidders who are not experienced yet and gives them a realistic chance to win. Quibids has tried to solve the issue with the Quibids trap page which remains controversial but unresolved. A trap page is certainly not an answer though.

Lets Play and Have Fun!
Quibids has an excellent way to attract more people by giving away free bids for contests. Specifically, you can get 50 free bids at Quibids by being the daily winner at their Facebook page. However, this is getting twice as competitive as Quibids auctions!

BidFire is taking a cue and helping relate to customers directly. Quibids finds it difficult because there are just so many people out there, but BidFire uses its small size to its advantage. Their Facebook page is much richer and more interactive. Oh and yes they do run their fair share of contests for free bids.

It's not the Social Network, Silly!
BidFire is not limited to their Facebook campaign. For example, they run contests on the BidFire PAW thread. It is a great place to interact and win free bids. This is possible as they are smaller in size and thus more nimble.

What's for Me?
The first win is free! This is the way BidFire treats its new-comers instead of the traditional free bids that other penny auctions provide. It does seem creative and different as an incentive, so it is worth trying out.

Read about Winning Strategies for BidFire before you start and you can win some cool products at great prices.

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