Friday, December 24, 2010

Quibids Details: Phone Number, Address etc

This post is just to provide more information like Quibids phone number and address to those searching for it. Quibids is a relatively open company as compared to tons of other penny auction sites.

Here is some information about Quibids. This is taken directly from their BBB page.

Quibids phone number: (405) 253-2038
Additional Quibids phone number: (405) 253-3883
Address: 1601 NW Expressway, ste. 1500
Oklahoma City, OK 73118
CEO: Mr. Matt Beckham
CFO: Mr. Jeff Geurts
Director of PR: Ms. Jill Farrand
Employees: 100

BBB Rating: A-
Total complaints received by BBB: 88


  1. have not received refunf of $60.00 in two weeks

    1. I just signed up today, did know they were going to debit my bank account! What a bunch of crooks. I give them 24 hours then my attorney can call!

    2. What did you do to even get a refund? I was charged $60.& I really need that money back.

  2. why is it that you dont have a paypal in your payment section? i feel its important for a paypal to be introduce as this will guarantee the payment of your customer. this is my reason of stoping my registration for now.

  3. @stevecrohn If you haven't used the bids, you should get a refund without a problem. Try contacting the Support again or just drop them a line on their Facebook.

    @colafemi I think PayPal is currently available

  4. Stole my money $87. Called my credit card company and they kinda reported the money stolen.

  5. I wasn't aware that their is a fee to make an account.... they charged me $60. And I can't get in touch with anyone......

  6. is this for real? can i bid from any part of the world? Nigeria precisely? what does it cost to open an account? if i bid and fail what happens to my money? do you guys deliver across the world?

  7. Scam Took money from my account unauthorized and did same to my wife. We both had to cancel our debit cards.

  8. Quibids delivered an opened product with parts missing-have been playing email games to avoid a refund. I'm filing complaint with BBB and Oklahoma Consumer Complaint division-thanks for the address and phone info

  9. I have been waiting over 3yrs for the things I bought from quibids in I haven't got anything I paid for,I spent over 500 bucks,I have call email ect in nobody has got back with me

  10. We need to do a class action suit! This is insane!!!!!