Monday, December 6, 2010

Get your Quibids free bids now!

If you are looking for Quibids free bids, here is how to get them.

Note: This is only for those people who do not yet have a Quibids account. I know not many of my readers are in this situation. For those who are already members and want some free Quibids bids, check out my post on Getting free Quibids bids.

For those who are yet to register at Quibids, here is how to get your free bids:

1. Log in at Quibids
2. Enter the code WINBIG during the registration process. Congratulations! You now have 10 free bids to start your Quibids journey.
3. Go to the Beginners Lobby. Here you can get some more bids through bid vouchers for very cheap. These auctions are only for beginners and not for everyone, so you have a very good chance of winning. Don't forget this method of cheap/free Quibids bids!


  1. I have read many section of your blog and every post have been useful.

    However, do you mean that selling price bids for beginner is cheaper than for everyone else?

  2. I go to the sign-up page (, but I don't see a place to input the code. Any suggestions?

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