Friday, December 24, 2010

Quibids Trap Page: Different Auctions for Different Users

There are allegations that Quibids is using a trap page to direct different users to different auctions. This is alleged to be a Quibids scam and not legit by some. The reply that Quibids customer service agent gave to a user doesn't help matters much either.

So what is a Quibids trap page? Simply put, there are different pages for different users so that there are different auctions for different bidders. I think the way it goes is that Quibids collects the data from different users and classifies them in different categories. The bigger bidders who spend and bid aggressively are grouped together into one category, so that they compete with each other and not smaller bidders. So if you are winning a lot on Quibids, you will find it harder to win in the future.

The Quibids customer support reply says that they have different auctions for different people to maximize their winnings. This is obviously untrue because they want to have the aggressive bidders bid with each other, because otherwise they could win most of the items and leave others unhappy. This would also reduce Quibids' earnings. While I don't think this counts as a Quibids scam, it does seem suspicious. I think they should mention this somewhere on their website, because otherwise it seems misleading.

So how do we know that Quibids is actually using a trap page? Simple - clear your cookies and note all the auctions that are present on the page. Now log in with your account and you will find that there are different auctions present. Not cool. So you might see some auction when you are not logged in and then all of a sudden when you log in, this auction could disappear for you.

Is this a Quibids scam? There seem to be some legal implications but I am not really sure. There is only hype at this stage. I don't think there are any lawsuits filed. You can read the entire discussion on PennyAuctionsWatch article.

You can try this out yourself - clear the cookies and you will see different auctions than when you are logged in. I think Quibids saves cookies to determine how much you win and which auctions to show. Better still, if you have a friend somewhere else, you could compare notes on which Quibids auctions you both see.

Quibids scam
Quibids scam
So what do you think about this Quibids trap page? Is Quibids scam? Is Quibids legit? The penny auction watch comments seem to suggest otherwise, but certainly you cannot believe all the rant on the internet.


  1. it's not a scam but 100 people lose money and one wins

  2. I just noticed this very problem, and searched to see if anyone else had noticed. The big scam to me seems to be that they will show these great auctions finishing with no bidders, so you think, man, I could have had that for one bid. In reality, you would not be able to bid on it. This has happened to me several times now. I will look at the homepage, and see an item I want to try for, then when I click on bid, it takes me to the log-in, and after I log in, the place where it usually says "bid now", says "unavailable" instead. If you click on it, it will say "this auction is reserved for other bidders" then it will reach zero with no bids placed. This may be legal, but it's certainly deceptive and misleading.