Saturday, February 18, 2012

Swoopoo is back ... but as DealDash!

Swoopoo was the first penny auction site that started in UK and the whole phenomenon caught fire. Penny auctions remain popular in Europe and North America and are slowly expanding to other parts of the world. We can see a much more global penny auction marketplace thanks to what Swoopoo started.

Success story? Hardly. Swoopoo filed for bankruptcy last year. However, it looks like DealDash bought the domain Swoopoo. Swoopoo left some bad memories in penny auction bidders' minds. It looks like a gambit from DealDash, which is quite well placed itself today in the US. It would be exciting to see what the future holds. As of now, the swoopoo domain doesn't seem to have any hosting. How DealDash wants to play this would be interesting to watch. 


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