Saturday, February 18, 2012

PennyGunAuction Down Already?

PennyGunAuction, as the name suggests, is a penny auction for guns! Yea, I know, just when you thought you had seen it all in the world of niche penny auctions.

I was interested to see where they would go because there was an article about PennyGunAuction in MarketWatch. They seemed serious, with a statement "The owners of Penny Gun Auction are not just gun enthusiasts, but proud Americans and Veterans. Throughout our Nation's history, the men and women of the Armed Services have fought and died so that all Americans can enjoy certain freedoms, including the right to bear arms. We want to thank those men and women for their sacrifices. So, for every gun sold we will donate ten dollars to the Wounded Warrior Project."

It is interesting that the site currently says they are experiencing technical difficulties with accepting credit card payments. This notice was on February 13th. It has been a while but it looks like they were unable to resolve the issue.

Most penny auctions that go under face similar problems and never come back up. Is this one of those failed penny auction stories? Stay tuned


  1. is a "real gun penny auction website. We were on the first page of google until this "new algorithm" took us completely off of the search engine completely. We are not even on the first 20 pages. How does that happen? PennyGunAuction is a nice non functioning site. We tried to talk with the owner and let him know of potential problems but he didnt want to hear about it. Shooter-Auctions LLC is a fully licensed gun dealer and completely legitimate site. You can follow us on Facebook or by visiting our site.

  2. i dont know where your getting your information but is alive and well. I use the site on a regular basis. The problem you mentioned above about the "credit card" problems was because the credit card industry has been dumping sites that sell guns because of their anti-gun policys. pennygunauction,Outlawbidder and a couple others had the same problems and they had to find a more gun friendly card processing company. From a player prospective I wouldnt be so cocky shooter-auction because Ive also been to your site and have not purchased bids because your site does not operate half the time, your auctions are WAY to high for your online bid traffic and the site just looks shitty. Sorry to burst your bubble but you have a long way to go before you have bragging rights.

  3. is a legit web site and I have personally won a gun here. I monitor the site on a regular basis and also frequent several other penny gun sites. Dont knock the site till you go there and actually play.. It's one of the only penny gun sites that does not accept bid butlers so you have to actually be at the computer and bid to actually win. this is one thing i personally like about the site because your not playing against a computer. And looking at the comment above that shooter-auction posted makes me laugh, Ive also been to that site and never won anything so guess what site I like better? Thanks, Guitarjunkie37