Sunday, February 26, 2012

HappyBidDay Bonus Codes

HappyBidDay is having a promotion for extra bids which is really good if you want to stock up on some bids. Here are the codes: DOUBLE100, DOUBLE200, DOUBLE500. As the coupon codes suggest, you can double your bids when you buy these bid packs. This is only valid till the end of the month, so you should act soon if you want to bid here.
Before bidding, remember to read my post on Almost Guaranteed Wins on HBD


  1. Where do Punch in the code? when I hit buy bids it only gave me the opption of 45, 74 300, 600 and 800... i don't see 100, 200 or 500. please help thanks :)

  2. Unfortunately this is for old members only. If you are new, use the coupon code HAPPY to get 20% free bids for your first purchase and then use the coupons above. I know it's a little weird, but that's the way it is! Good luck.